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The first Sniper Elite spin-off, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, debuted in 2013. By 2015, Rebellion had released three games for the franchise. Now, four years later, the developer has decided to revisit the franchise with Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

OnlySP had a chance to check out the game’s E3 2019 demo build. The demo was played in a single-player setting.

The demo opened a selection screen where various guns, perks, and other selectable item screen were present. Players are able to outfit their character how they desire; from the outfits and skins on weapons to the specific guns and perks taken into the game.

The weapon select screen had three different categories for a player to pick from. The three gun types included a rifle, submachine gun, and pistol class. Within the gun selection were different options in the class: upgrades that can be made to the weapon, skins, charms, and reticle options.

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After selecting and upgrading weapons, the demo opens with the player in a safe room where additional ammo and equipment can be obtained before heading out in the mission area where the majority of the action takes place.

Objectives are what pushes the player forward in a linear direction, but they must decide how to get there. After venturing for enough away from the safe room, zombie hordes proceed to swarm the army aiming to kill the player as soon as possible.

As the zombies begin closing in, the combat begins. Traps and bullets fly in a frantic pace as the player pushes towards the objective. Along the way, zombies are mowed down into high combos that provided the opportunity to try out the new takedown mechanic in the game.

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In taking down a zombie, the player regains a bit of health while causing the surrounding zombies to flinch giving a bit of breathing room. This extra health offers a risk/reward proposition.

In practice, this mechanic yielded neutral results. Every attempt to takedown a zombie was followed with being immediately attacked, making the health gains inconsequential. Running right after a takedown or stringing together a chain of them was the best attempt to maximize the amount of health gained.

Though the takedown mechanic was hit-or-miss, the gunplay was satisfying. The guns felt distinguishable from each other while not getting in the way of eliminating the hordes of zombies. The shotgun was a favorite to use mostly because of the special ammo that zombies dropped to help manage the crowd.

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This special ammo type was electronic ammo. The pellets stunned the enemies around the hit zombie. This brief pause allows the player with the option of utilizing a take down, running away, or reloading in order to prepare for the next wave to swarm in. For solo play, the ammo felt absolutely necessary to stay alive and complete the objective at hand.

In regards to the visuals, players should not expect anything too special. The game does not look bad, but it does not do anything special to make it stand out.

Overall, Zombie Army 4: Dead War has the makings to be just a solid game like others that came before it. The act of mowing down zombies from one safe room to another seems like it could provide endless fun. However, this rinse-and-repeat formula seems like it can grow stale for those that wish to play through the campaign entirely solo.

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