The voice actress behind Zelda in Breath of the Wild, Patricia Summersett, held a Q&A panel at Fan Expo Toronto 2019 where fans got to learn more about her.

Summersett’s ability to write and read Hylian script came up alongside many other questions surrounding the topic. Summersett explained that she has been a fan of the Zelda games for a long time and took it upon her self to learn how to write Hylian, using a notebook to practice during breakfast to write out the Hylian alphabet.

Summersett revealed that Urbosa is her favourite champion in the game. She told the panel that working on the game allowed her to meet Elizabeth Maxwell, the voice of Urbosa, and they quickly grew to be great friends outside of work.

When asked what she finds relaxing while playing Breath of the Wild, Summersett responded with the ironic answer of blowing up rocks. She expressed how oddly relaxing the mechanic can be, and encouraged the crowd to try blowing up rocks in the game as well. 

Summersett mentioned that she really enjoys the game Crypt of the Necrodancer, despite apparently being unaware of Cadence of Hyrule.

Summersett told the crowd she would like to play She-Ra in a video game if given the chance, as well as lending her voice to a Dark Crystal game.

Outside of the Zelda titles, Summersett plays many other games; one that she enjoyed is the indie game Never Alone, which got her teary-eyed.

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