Survival horror stories like Left for Dead or Dying Light have become huge sellers recently, catching up with other game genres like FPS and action adventure, which have been dominating the market. So what would it be like to bring the thrill of an action adventure title and the fear of a survival game together? Creators of Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, a game currently searching for funding on Kickstarter, are hoping to find out.

Described by developer Steamroller Studios as “Zelda meets Don’t Starve” Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse blends together a mix of gameplay elements you’d never expect. Gamers will find themselves in a unique art-driven world called Knottington that’s plagued by wooden zombies at night. They’ll pick up the reigns of Lathe – a young woodling and inventor – and his stone giant protector called Roguard.

During the day players will be able to explore a massive open world filled with resources they need to collect. They’ll need them in order to craft weapons and fortifications to defend themselves when night falls. That’s when Roguard, who defends them during the day, falls asleep and the “Deadwood” zombies come out. Players will have to develop strategies to keep their stone friend safe through the night.

The crafting system will offer plenty of strategic options to fend off the deadwood horde through the night. Using the resources gathered during the day they can create barricades, traps, mines and decoys for defense. Then there are weapons that can fire in every direction to hold of the undead horde. Combining all these defenses together players might make it through the night.

Exciting as Deadwood’s gameplay sounds it doesn’t totally rely on it – the game will also have a deep storyline to become immersed in. Lathe and Roguard aren’t simply fighting back zombies: they plan to end the curse plaguing the land all together. Deadwood offers deep sidequests to give players a chance to learn about the history of the land they’re attempting to save.

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse certainly stands out of the indie crowd with this unique mix of gameplay elements. It’s a tough mix to bring together – thankfully, the Steamroller team is up to the task. Its team members have worked on a number of major titles including BioShock, Left 4 Dead 2, and Team Fortress 2. That immense amount of experience should encourage any gamer to give Deadwood a look.


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