Chuck Carter’s newest project Zed is entering its final three days of its Kickstarter campaign, and it still needs funding. The campaign is looking for a total of $48’000 and has currently raised slightly over $42’000, just shy of its goal.

In response, the game’s studio, Eagre Games has announced that anyone who donates $100 or more between now and the end of the campaign will have their donations matched up to $2,500.

Zed is a first-person adventure game that has players explore a bizarre dream world where they will be tasked with piecing together the mementos of a dying Dreamer. The world of Zed is a strange place filled with shifting landscapes and fantastic architectures. Players will have to solve puzzles, explores memories, and find clues that will help lead to mementos.

Carter is the founder of Eagre Games and is also the Creative Director for Zed. Carter is an acclaimed artist that has lent his talents to many games including Command and Conquer, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and of course Myst. 

If the goal is surpassed before the end of the campaign several stretch goals, have been put in place including new character animations, bonus dreamworlds, virtual reality support, PS4 and Xbox One ports, and additional localization work.

The campaign ends on July 1 if you want to help fund Zed check out it’s Kickstarter by clicking here.

Zed has a tentative release date of first quarter 2017 on PC, Linux, and Mac.

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