You can now link your Good Old Games (GOG) account to your Steam account, and import select titles that you own in Steam into your GOG library. This linkage is permanent, you can only do it with one Steam account, and doing so will net you the full GOG release for each game. Only eligible titles apply, and these have a deadline before you can no longer import them (The Witcher, for example, is a title that can only be imported for the next five days).

If you own a game on Steam and use this feature to import this game to your GOG library, you would get all the extras that come with the GOG release (often GOG includes soundtracks and other digital goodies with games). Your Steam account will not be affected—this process will only add games to your GOG library. As of now, this process only imports the game from your Steam library to GOG, not your Steam cloud save game data.

I have a large Steam and GOG backlog, and I’m sure many of you do too. The two services are where I buy most of my games. From GOG’s perspective, this may give them a chance to win gamers over from Steam.

I’ve always enjoyed GOG’s DRM-free approach. I bought The Witcher III on GOG, and one of the titles you can import right now is The Witcher. I plan on importing my Steam version of The Witcher to my GOG library as soon as possible. This means, among other items, I’ll be able to get The Witcher soundtrack and some wallpapers. It’s a good deal.

Whenever titles I own on Steam become eligible for this process, I’ll import them. There’s nothing to lose, after all, only new additions to my GOG library to gain.

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