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Thatgamecompany’s recent downloadable title, Journey, was hailed as an artistic masterpiece and one of the best games of 2012. Unfortunately, if you were captivated by the game and were hoping for an eventual sequel with a similarly thematic narrative and art style, you’ll be disappointed to here the chances for such a continuation are incredibly low.

Sony worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida, in speaking to The Guardian after the recent Sony PS4 conference, stated that a sequel to PSN indie titles like Journey, Sound Shapes or Tokyo Jungle are very unlikely to happen:

“They’re wonderful games… [however,] the beauty of these games is that we never make sequels – there will be no Journey 2, I don’t think. These developers tend to want to do new things.”

I have to admit; this makes sense. Journey was really a self-contained and complete narrative anyway, and it said all it needed to about the hero’s journey in just on game. There are definitely other themes Thatgamecompany could tackle with similar style, but perhaps those opportunities would be better suited to a spiritual successor rather than a sequel. The developer is definitely auteur-istic in nature, with many of their signature visual and gameplay touches being carried over from project to project.

Regardless, how do you feel about this news, single-players? Let us know, and feel free to tell us what you thought of Journey while you’re at it. In fact, why not hit up our shiny new forums to do so? It’s a journey well worth taking in itself.

Stay tuned for more news on Sony-exclusive indie titles, especially those that will undoubtedly hit the PS4. For news on the band named Journey, visit their fanpage or something.

Michael Urban
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  1. Oh boy i can see the tears of sadness forming in fans eyes…..

  2. Actually I’m kinda glad about this. I enjoyed Journey and am happy with the way it ended. Looking forward to what else these guys can come up with

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