Yoku's Island Express

A new trailer has revealed some of the skills that players will have access to in the open-world pinball adventure Yoku’s Island Express.

The project, the latest from Villa Gorilla and Team17, has players taking control of Yoku the dung beetle as he scuttles around multiple environments with his trusty ball. The latest trailer showcases the various abilities that can be used with the ball, as well as some of the more complex and fun ways of traversing areas.

Not only will players need to use traditional side-scrolling tricks to get around the map but Yoku’s Island Express adds pinball mechanics into the mix. The abilities shown in the video that will aid Yoku in manipulating his way round each level include the following:

  • The Noisemaker, a party-blower used to smash small objects.
  • The Dive Fish, a small fish that attaches itself to Yoku and allows him to swim into deep waters.  
  • The Slug Vacuum, which allows Yoku to suck up enemies Kirby-style and fire them to destroy large obstructive rocks.

Yoku’s Island Express will be rolling onto PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One during the summer of 2018.

Developer Villa Gorilla is a Swedish team that has partnered with the UK-based developer and publisher Team17 (Worms, Alien Breed) for this adorable side-scrolling platformer.

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Richard Flint
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