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Lost in the crush of pre and current E3 2015 news, SEGA quietly updated their Yakuza 5 page to reflect a Fall 2015 release window. Most European and North American fans of the series were optimistic that the reveal and nearby release would occur at the big conference, and perhaps even be accompanied by a Yakuza 0 announcement. For them,  this is quite disappointing. No reason or official announcement explained the delay, from their previous Summer 2015 window.

This means it will be close to a full 3 years from the Japanese release and well into the life of the Playstation 4 console. The more pessimistic of fans, me, says that SEGA’s sales of the title will be pretty low for a last-gen title. The even more pessimistic of fans – and I’m starting to get there – will say that this works out for SEGA. Another poor sales outing in North America will allow them to finally, completely ignore fan’s requests for localization of Yakuza 5, Ishin, Kenshin and the newest title, Zero.

If Yakuza 5 hits that Fall 2015 window, remember this release outside of Japan is slated to be digital only.

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  1. I’m fine with it being digital only, what winds me up is that I have to wait longer for it to be released…. Fucking sega!!!!

    1. Yup, same feeling here. ;(

  2. hoping for yakuza zero too but i’ll take yakuza 5 as well lol.

  3. This is such a bad move on Sega’s part. I already expected it to have less than stellar sales but this delay is really going to worsen it. Sega, do not let this end up at the backburner like Shenmue.

  4. Releasing it after the end of the PS3 generation probably won’t help sales much. A Yakuza Collection on PS4 featuring all main games so far (and the Dead Souls spin-off) could help the series. Being able to play the full series from the beginning and not needing three consoles to do so would make it easier for new fans to get into the series.

  5. Can wait to play the last localized yakuza game in the series! The way most fans are treating this release it looks as if we will never get zero, ishin or any other new yakuza game ever again. I don’t care that its digital only,I just wanna play the game, I don’t care about decorating my shelf with a physical release. I have the money sitting comfortably in my account, so it’s a day one purchase for me!

  6. Yakuza 5, I am ready! I seriously hope we get Zero or Ishin down the line, omg.

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