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Yakuza fans rejoice. As some anticipated given the delay of the Yakuza 5 localization, SEGA waited until this weekend’s Playstation Experience 2015 to announce the games final release date, which is coming next week, December 8. Series fans also hoped for additional announcements in regards to other sequels and prequels within the series. While they may not have gotten everything they were after, they did receive confirmation that Yakuza 0 would indeed be making it’s way to the West.

Check out the reveal trailer from the 2015 Playstation experience:

This is the perfect opportunity to attempt to bring the series to a wider audience. Yakuza 0 takes the main character, Kazuma Kiryu, to a time before he was known as the “Dragon of Dojima”. It will be his backstory and it will be presented on the latest system, rather than a several years late release on an older one. Hopes are that this will provide new interest in the series. One would guess that decent sales could lead to the the Yakuza 1 Remake for PS4, known as Yakuza Kiwami, and also the newest sequel Yakuza 6, also making the jump to Europe and the States.

The Yakuza franchise is huge in Japan, but has always been fairly niche in the Western world. Some Shenmue fans have come to appreciate the games as spiritual successors in style, though radically different in tone. They are irreverent looks at Japanese culture mixed with homages to both classic and modern Japanese yakuza films. Yakuza has never looked better and we’re excited that 0 is headed our way. Have a look at the First 15 and some screens from the Japanese demo we grabbed earlier this year.

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