Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Monolith Soft

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the company unveiled details on Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s massive Expansion Pass.

Coming in at USD$29.99/£26.99, the season pass will include the release of regular content, beginning with additional support items in December and new quests in January. The northern hemisphere’s spring will see the addition of a rare new weapon, before the bulk of the additional content lands later in the year. The first major expansion will be a challenge mode set for release in summer, before a story expansion arrives in autumn.

Curiously, the various content drops will not be available individually, meaning that players will have to pay the full price upfront, even if they only want access to one of the expansions.

In addition to news of the Expansion Pass, Nintendo unveiled a new character trailer for the game (embedded below), and announced that a day-one update will be available to incorporate dual-language audio in the game, so that players can decide whether to have the original Japanese or an English dub.

Finally, ahead of the title’s release, a promotional crossover quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will enable Link to dress up as Rex, the main character from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. That quest will be available from November 9.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set for release on December 1, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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