Fans of the original XCOM need not worry about the future of the franchise, as Firaxis Games has you covered. Originally being developed solely as a First Person Shooter by 2K Marin, Firaxis announced that they have been also working on a version of the series; one that retains the turn-based strategy and micro-management that made the original so popular.

In the first of the team’s developer diaries, lead programmer Casey O’Toole and lead designer Jake Solomon discuss re-imaging XCOM, changes and improvements to old mechanics like time units and the integration of new ones, a new dramatic camera angle called the “glam cam,” and how ant hills influenced the new take on base-building. On top of that, some gameplay clips showcase the new turn-based combat.

Check it out below, it’s good stuff.

[youtube id=”kX9r0S77Vh0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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  1. "Fans of the original XCOM need not worry about the future of the franchise"
    I was worried from the very moment they announced the game and nothing they showed so far eased that feeling :(

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