2K announced in a tweet that XCOM 2 will be released to consoles on the 30th of September.

Previously billed for the 6th of September, no reason has been given yet for the small, slight delay.

While we didn’t review it, majority of players have found it to be an enjoyable and worthy sequel to the reboot. XCOM 2 is considered to have delivered more of the same solid content as before with addition parts strapped on. Most see the additions (e.g. new out-of-mission management, new enemies, and new stealth parts) as improvements to the formula presented previously in the prior title XCOM: Enemy Unknown. However, some consumers have complained the quality is a step back from the expansion XCOM: Enemy Within due to design decisions and bugs.

A digital deluxe version of XCOM 2 is available to pre-order, which includes not only the Resistance Warrior Pack (cosmetics and an extra character) that is a pre-order bonus of the game (standard and deluxe editions) but also:

Anarchy’s Children – more cosmetics.

Alien Hunters – 3 new enemies, 4 new weapons, 3 new armors, a new mission and some cosmetics.

Shen’s Last Gift – a new, long narrative-driven mission and the ability to utilize mechs.

If you don’t buy the digital deluxe version (which includes the Reinforcement Pack that serves as XCOM 2’s season pass), the DLC will be sold separately day 1.

You can pre-order XCOM 2 now on PSN or on the Xbox One store for $59.99. Alternatively you can pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition for $74.99.

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