UPDATE: The ‘Long War 2’ mod for XCOM 2 is now available on the Steam Workshop as a free download.

Firaxis and Pavonis Interactive have confirmed the development of a ‘Long War 2’ mod for XCOM 2, following the strong reception of a similar expansion for the previous game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

As with the previous mod, production on ‘Long War 2’ is being handled by Pavonis Interactive (formerly known as Long War Studios), with some assistance from the base game’s developers, Firaxis.

As the name suggests, ‘Long War 2’ will expand the campaign length of XCOM 2, with the project’s lead designer John Lumpkin telling Eurogamer that playtesters have taken an average of over 100 missions to complete the game. The mod will expand the game in more ways than lengthening the experience, however.

Like the first ‘Long War’, this sequel will add enemy types and other obstacles unseen in the base game, while also giving players “lots of new tools . . . influenced by the game’s guerrilla war theme” with which to overcome them. One such “tool” is a new weapon tier, called the Coilgun, which will be the second-strongest set of weapons available within the game.

However, this new expansion will not necessarily be as difficult as its predecessor. Pavonis Interactive is aiming to make the mod accessible to casual players on its lower difficulty settings, without surrendering any of the complexity that makes strategic play essential to the more drawn-out experience of ‘Long War 2’.

Despite the potentially prohibitive length, ‘Long War’ was widely acclaimed for the adaptations it made to the XCOM formula, with Enemy Unknown’s lead designer Jake Solomon saying, “We’re basically a 20-hour tutorial for Long War”.

With the official support of Firaxis behind the mod, the possibility of a console release should not be ruled out, however, it is only being developed for PCs at the present time, with no launch window yet announced.

In addition to ‘Long War 2’, Pavonis Interactive is currently working on an original strategy game called Terra Invicta, which will similarly task players with defending the Earth against an alien invasion.

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