Live in the West Coast of US? Good news, Firaxis’ XCOM 2 unlocks tonight at 9PM Pacific as it releases for the PC. The sequel to the 2013 XCOM Enemy Unknown starts out at the standard $59.99 we’ve come to know well as a video game price. That said, there are retailers out there willing to drop the price a little bit. In fact, one of the top PC gaming retailers online Green Man Gaming has a semi-last chance, 23% off price break on XCOM 2 (for both the Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions.

The discounts come in two different forms, and we’re not sure why. For the Deluxe, you’ll need to apply a coupon code at checkout (GMG refers to them as vouchers). The Standard Edition discount is the same percentage discount but is inside the VIP Gaming sale which requires you to either make an account or log in to view the discount. Perhaps they’re testing the conversion rates of coupons vs. VIP sale instant discounts. Either way, it’s good to note the difference.

Alternative Discounts:

GMG may be the best discount online right now from an authorized retailer, but they’re not the only ones offering deals on the title. Both GamesPlanet and FunStock Digital have price breaks worth considering. Both are worldwide retailers, although you’ll notice they display British Pounds as currency. FunStock Digital offers you a dropdown menu so you can display a USD price, but GamesPlanet does not. Regardless, you can buy from either store as the Steam key will work just fine.


Funstock Digital

Like GMG, both FunStock Digital and GamesPlanet will include the pre-order bonus “Resistance Warrior Pack” DLC.

Deluxe vs. Standard

Should you go for the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Standard run-of-the-mill game? Well, everyone is different, and it depends on how dedicated you are to the XCOM series.

The Digital Deluxe is basically a discount on the Season Pass. The XCOM 2 Reinforcement Pack is XCOM 2’s Season Pass and is already on sale for $19.99 on Steam. The Season Pass is the base game, Reinforcement Pack, and the digital soundtrack for $75, plus it’s cheaper after any one of the above discounts. That’s $5 savings right off the bat.

Season Pass content will not be available on Day 1. It comes in 3 different DLCs, the first of which will launch in the Spring of 2016, while two others will debut later in the summer (presumably on different dates).

Essentially you won’t be at a loss for a while if you only get the Standard Edition, but if you think you’ll want the extra content from the DLCs like customization and extra missions, you might as well say “screw it” and buy the whole shebang. After discount at GMG, the Deluxe Edition is cheaper than the Standard Edition on Steam, so it makes the purchase a much more appealing option.

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