Thanks to an interview and live gameplay demo with IGN from Firaxis producer Garth Deangelis, we’ve gained some insight into the upcoming XCOM 2 backstory and some gameplay tactics. We’ve known from the game announcement trailer earlier in June that humanity lost the war following XCOM Enemy Unknown. The sequel move us forward 20 years, to an earth which is under alien control and “Advent” forces.

The aliens have positioned themselves as saviors of the world, curing diseases, eliminating theft and other crime, all overseen by the armored “human” Advent forces. But XCOM hasn’t been completely defeated. They’ve simply gone underground, becoming the infiltrating force in many ways.

The gameplay demo takes place in an alien created megacity, during Advent Day, a celebration of the unification of the humans and their Alien overlords. XCOM forces are taking the fight to advent forces, and of course aliens appear during their fight. The game’s producer promises not only will level geometry be procedurally generated, but so will the objectives found within them.

The human squad showcases some of their new tactics right off the bat, setting up a chain overwatch sequence using their stealth tactics. Gameplay also features the melee attack of the ranger class and the drone abilities, known as the Gremlin, of the support specialist. The Gremlin can be used in both attack and defensive modes, or as seen in the gameplay, for hacking of turrets and other things.

The enemies we get a glimpse of are standard Advent soldiers, Advent mechs, the Viper (previously revealed in the announce), and an evolved alien Berserker. Deangelis also mentioned the psi-reanimate abilities of the Sectoid class this time around. Essentially, the sectoid can bring back to life any dead unit as “psi-zombie”.

Another new thing for this version of XCOM is that in order to retain the weapons and armor of wounded or dead soldiers, you must carry their bodies physically to the extraction point, or lose those resources. Bodies do not currently add in encumbrance according to Deangelis. This along with fully defining later game abilities are “not fully implemented as of yet” so expect the game to undergo more changes over the coming months prior to the November launch, exclusively on PC.

Credit to IGN for the interview. Only Single Player will bring you more XCOM 2 information as it comes out.

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