We here at OnlySP are very excited about the next-gen lineup. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of amazing exclusive launch titles coming up, but which console’s launch titles better fit your gaming taste? Let us take a look.

Playstation 4

The PS4 has a lot of interesting games for the release day. Here’s a list of our favourites:

Knack looks very intriguing. The PS4’s architect Mark Cerny is the director behind the game so we know that Knack is going to be closely associated to PS4. Cerny says that Knack is like “Crash Bandicoot” meets “Katamari” where the main character absorbs things in the environment like wood, ice and water before growing bigger and turning them into attacks. Check out the gameplay on Jimmy Fallon.


Next up is Killzone: Shadow Fall. KZ was shown off at the initial PS4 reveal and it looks fantastic. There’s a lot of colour in this game which is refreshing after a console generation of “brown mud” shooters. On top of this, the engine can render a significant amount of movement in the background, making the city shown in the initial reveal actually felt like a living, breathing futuristic society. The graphics look astonishing but the gameplay is improved as well. The “linear” path that Killzone is infamous for has been changed to allow a semi-open mission structure where you choose where to go, similar to Crysis 3. Check out the gameplay demo below :

Like Ridge Racer before it, Driveclub is another launch-day Playstation racing exclusive except that it is free for Playstation Plus users. The next-gen team racing game is all about “collaborative gameplay with friends”. The game is focused on challenges, working with teams and rewarding those who set challenges and break records. With competition on the scale of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s Autolog feature and graphics that will get motorheads excited just looking at the engine, Driveclub looks great and personally, is my favourite upcoming launch title. Check out the gorgeous trailer below.


Xbox One

The Xbox One is bringing back a lot of old favourites for its launch. Here’s our most anticipated:

Killer Instinct is back after nearly 17 years. The arcade fighter has been rebooted for the Xbox One’s launch day and will also be free to play. However, only 1 character will be available for the free-to-play version and other characters can be purchased individually or all together. Despite this, the combo-focused fighter looks awesome and the graphics are crisp and very detailed. Also, the game marks the return of the c-c-combo breaker! Check out the gameplay from EVO 2013:

Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 is back for Xbox One. The game features a new character but keeps the same silly zombie crushing and mankini wearing tone. Boasting no load times, many variations on enemy types and improvisational gameplay, Dead Rising 3 looks like great open-world ridiculous fun. The game’s creators say that anything is a weapon to use against the zombie horde so get ready to crush zombies with a robotic teddy bear loaded with machine guns. Sweet.


Finally, we have Forza 5. The game is set to use an innovative Drivatar feature which can create AI ghosts based on how well the player races and then places them in the game to race against the player. Some of the game features have been redesigned after Microsoft changed from their always-online Xbox. Forza no longer requires players to be online and the majority of the content is featured on the disc.



It’s hard to choose which console has the better launch lineup. We only know the games based on appearance and news articles alone and not gameplay. We don’t know how the games feel to play until we control them ourselves. That being said, we can still pick out which titles are the most interesting to play or the ones that make us want to play.

To be perfectly honest, if you don’t include third party games, I think that both consoles have a rather mediocre lineup for the release. Microsoft has no Halo/Gears and Sony has no Uncharted/inFamous. Both consoles are relying on brands that have a decent fanbase but nowhere near impressive as the previously mentioned series.

I believe that the Playstation 4 has the better line up but only just. The PS4 will have two (three if you have Playstation Plus) free-to-play console exclusives: Driveclub, DC Universe Online and Warframe. I still feel like there’s a good open-world game, something along the lines of Dead Rising 3, missing from this lineup. It will be interesting to see how Warframe, which is a session based co-op game with space ninjas (sounds fun!), holds up. Xbox One has good games coming up but there’s a big flaw: no shooter. The Xbox One has no exclusive FPS game like Halo, which are the highest populated multiplayer games, coming to the platform. Forza seems to be the only big multiplayer game from Xbox One but when you compare this to Killzone‘s expansive multiplayer, a mode that is popular with a lot of players, it seems that Microsoft missed out big time.

Forget about which console these games are on and just let us know which lineup catches your eye more.





Nathan Hughes
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  1. both have decent line ups but i can’t help but be reminded of kameo everytime i see Knack…. also howcome Ryse didn’t get a mention? that looks like an interesting game if what the developers say that the QTEs aren’t as prevalent as the demo they showed off at E3?

    for myself it’s xbox one at launch with ryse and dr3 (no interest in fighting or racing games and killzone has never done it for me) and once infamous comes out for PS4 i’ll be picking up both (hopefully in some sorta combo)

    just a note that warframe might end up on the xbox one aswell cuz the VP said they’d be silly not to consider it now that M$ has dropped the required publisher jazz for indies…

    1. We did a full piece on Ryse the other day, so we wanted to give a bit more of a focus on just three main launch titles. Also didn’t include indie games considering the Microsoft policy change, we fully expect to see the majority of those titles on Xbox One.

      We’re actually very much looking forward to seeing more of Ryse.

      1. ah well that explains it i withdraw my comment regarding that so ha

    2. I mainly picked out the most interesting/exciting exclusives coming to the next-gen console on the launch day and while I enjoy the concept of Ryse, I personally felt the QTEs put me off. However, if what you say is true about that “QTEs aren’t as prevalent” then I’m very interested to see what it has to offer.

      1. well that’s what Crytek said anyways… the demo was supposedly extremely dumbed down just to show it off at E3 and the final build will be something special (well according to the interview by siliconera anyways) with alot less reliance on the QTEs

  2. As usual nothing on the xbox intrigues me. How fanboys think this lineup is so amazing and that no sane person could prefer the PS4 shows how delusional they truly are. I’m talking about you whining victim complex make a new account every day N4G xbots.

    Ryse is a mindless button masher that is nothing but QTE’s

    Dead Rising is the sequel to one of the worst games I’ve played in recent memory

    Forza is good but I don’t care for racing games

    And Killer Instinct is a third tier fighter that no one but fanboys care about. Real fighting fans play SF MK MvC and Injustice.

    Killzone is by far the best looking of any of the launch games IMO

    Fanboys ridicule Knack but I grew up with games like this and it looks like fun. Am I as hyped for it as KZ no, but I still want to play it.

    And Driveclub looks great although in a genre I don’t care for, but everyone will get to try it with PS Plus.

    And when you think about how Sony has supported the PS3 with exclusives vs how MS has supported the 360 this gen, the choice is obvious. PS4 for me.

    1. it’s kinda ironic how you start with none of the xbox games interest you and you’d need to be insane not to like the PS games, then call everyone who disagrees with you a mindless M$ fanboy bit odd wouldn’t you think.

      KZ done absolutely nothing for me this generation so don’t see the need for it next gen.

      knack is a personal choice, for me reminds me of kameo and that game was ok at best, also the official playstation magazine also ragged on Knack for being a one button game

      Dead rising that’s a personal opinion similar to mine and KZ, i enjoyed playing DR 1&2 but the load screens were ridiculous but supposedly they’ll be a thing of the past next gen.

      Ryse is rumoured to be beyond the QTE game, although only time will tell on that supposedly the demo was just a bad choice in demos according to the Dev themselves

      also finally M$ had the higher number of exclusives this generation… had 30 more i believe at final count although both have said that the current gen will continue for a while

      1. “also finally M$ had the higher number of exclusives this generation… had 30 more i believe at final count although both have said that the current gen will continue for a while”

        huh,. what was that you saying?


        1. Jesus that’s a lot of awful Kinect games……What MS likes to do is use words like exclusive BUT they leave out words like TIMED…..Like Titan Fall which isn’t exclusive to the XBO as it will be on PC/360 and now there are rumblings that it will be on PS4 after a year….Or Dead Rising 3 which will probably become Dead Rising 3: Off the record or something to that effect…..Kinda like the other games MS published and then lost like Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect, or just the “exclusives” in generally that were NEVER going to be on PS3 like Bioshock, Mass Effect 2, Ninja Gaiden, GTA 4 DLC(yeah 50 million well spent dollars there)

          1. Just an FYI xbox are now calling Titan Fall a Windows exclusive – hence why it’ll also be on PC (yippie as I’m a PC gamer).

            As for the PS4 thing, that’s a rumour, and I’ve seen a lot of rumours in some of the arguments in this page. I’m not bashing people bringing it up, but to solidify an argument based foundations that aren’t true just breeds more hatred and flame wars in the comments. IF it comes to PS4 we’ll cover it here you bet it, and no doubt. But unless the rumour comes from a good source and not just murmurs around the internet, it’s not worth looking into.

            Cheers for commenting and this comment isn’t just for you it’s for everyone, please stop fighting in the comments – if you know that you won’t be persuaded in anyway then you’re being closed minded and chances are so is the other person. We’re happy you come to us for news, but we don’t want you guys arguing with each other.

        2. well for starters that clearly states 2010-2013… the consoles have been out since 2006/2007 so there’s at least 4 years missing in there… also quick look at those charts there is games missing on both sides….

          1. yeah well, I was just doing you a favor. But you asked for it. Here’s the full list of exclusives for both systems:


            PS3 stomps on 360 big time :)
            Not to mention the quality of it. Then, there would be no arguments.

          2. wow your retarded microsoft has games that are not even close to being on ps3 like forza, minecraft, kinect games, dead rising 3, halo, cod dlc 1 month before ps3 and pc

          3. “microsoft has games that are not even close to being on ps3” “cod dlc 1 month before ps3”

          4. had a feeling you’d bring that up… someone modified that 2 days ago took out nearly 100 of the xbox exclusives check out the version from July 31st and come back to me

          5. I think you meant July 21st, as there are 12KB of data that got removed on that day , and there’s no such thing as July 31st on there.
            I undid that, now the list is full.

          6. that is indeed the date i meant sorry about that

        3. This generation, not the last three years, take a second and read.

    2. Whoa, Mr Loco! Dead Rising numero Uno was one of the best games last gen! “best” Number 2 tho kind of sucked. But this upcoming one looks great, time will tell.

    3. As usual? They are the same games listed from before…
      Why are you ‘sane’ for liking what you like?
      Ryse- Crytek stated there is MUCH more to it

      Dead Rising 1 was amazing for it’s time, 2 was less fun but not terrible

      Racing games don’t like you either

      Killer Instinct is third tier? It hasn’t seen a release in 17 years. Of course it isn’t up to the few companies that have been pumping them out for that entire time. Even then, MK didn’t never had it easy (not even at EVO from it’s inception until 2011). Nether Realms has a whopping 3 games in the current franchise/state that are considered balance enough. And you’ve seen three KI characters and likely played ZERO of them. Sooooo……

      Everyone grew up with games like Knack. But everyone continued growing up…j/k Still play Ratchet and Clank and Mario games. IMO Knack looks a little…basic (gameplay)

      PS3 had more exclusives, but as far as I’m aware the majority of them sold less than the few Xbox 360 ones. Sales don’t equal quality, per se, but they can indicate what the general audience wants to be playing.

      PS3 was my primary console this gen, XBOX mainly for XBLA and a few exclusives. Wasn’t big for online. That said, to ME, a level-headed individual, I will be playing more Xbox One games (initially at least) than PS4. I really want DR3, KI, and Forza, mildly interested in Ryse. I really want to play Second Son, will play DriveClub because it’s free (kind of), and think Killzone will be at least as entertaining as the last two.

      See? Different people like different games. And I don’t have to “prove” to anyone that their games are worse than ‘my’ games (that very few of us have even touched BTW)

    4. I believe you’re describing yourself with the term fanboy. One thing a fanboy does is say “I don’t like this” or “I’m not interested in this” and then say “this is so much better”. Opinions are fine, but why do you feel the need to cut someone’s choice down while defending your own? Don’t know if you’re right or not, but we will see.

    5. You’re pathetic. You call others fanboys but yet you’re obviously a fanboy yourself. Loser.

  3. Personally, I think the Xbox One lineup is amazing! I purposely have to ignore games like Forza 5, cause it looks good, but there’s too many other games that I want.

  4. There’s nothing of the Xbone exclusives that caught my interest at all. Gamescom will bring more games for my PS4. You think SONY have shown all their cards? Yeah, prepare to be shocked and disappointed. I know for a fact that Everquest Next, the true next gen mmo will come to my PS4. Based on my observation:

    “It was never our intent to make a controller friendly game,” Georgeson said. “But when we decided to minimize the number of buttons you can use to just one hotbar, it almost accidentally becomes controller friendly.”

    “The fact that it doubles for controllers is just a bonus.”

    yeah, that sounds about right.

    1. your just a typical sony fanboy

      1. *You’re. Learn English!

  5. xb1 all day will get a gaystation when naughty dog makes me and play infamous ss,sorry but warframe is trash repetitive gameplay and it’s coming to xb1 also but why bother when i been playing it on pc for months same with planetside 2 the game looks good but thats about it not interested in pay to win sorry, gaystation 4 is basically a 360 with better graphics why u think they are reserving so much ram this time, that way they can copy bad ass system feats that microsoft comes up with, they don’t want another party chat senario poor sony hurting for money so that stay status quo and hold back gaming innovation is what we need not graphics

    1. Your lack of education is evident merely by the fact you wrote all that without a single period. You fit in nicely with the “bro console” you seem to like.

  6. Nice article, nice honesty.
    One thing that irks me is that Driveclub isn’t considered F2P but KI is. Driveclub is NOT free. At best it’s a GT Prologue situation. Yes, more variety than KI in that respect, but technically speaking if you really wanted to just play as Jago ever, you never have to purchase anything.
    Otherwise, thanks for acknowledging that both machines have their fair share of fun coming out.
    See you in Driveclub, KI when you’re ready.

  7. As a PS4 fan, I do think that the PS4 games are much more appealing for me.
    But… seriously.
    When you look at the thumb of the video of Dead Rising 3, you get to see a guy wearing… what seems to be Strap Panties…
    Now, I don’t like the Xbox One with the DRM policies that insulted my intelligence.
    but come on! That thumb for the video? Surely is going to turn off a lot of gamers wanting an Xbox One.
    This is a bit of trolling on the video side.
    Doesn’t really seems fair for me.
    Be a bit more polite, I mean, I know that Xbox fans keep trolling the PS4 saying they’re gay, blah blah, immature nonsence. But this is just stupid and ridiculous.
    Then again, why is this in the game?
    In any case, these are only the launch games, Infamous SS and the Order 1886 will come early next year. Yet, we’ve still haven’t heard anything on Sony’s Bigger Studios (Yes, those are their smaller studios) Like Naughty Dog or Santa Monica, I’m betting they are going to have a ton of badass game to show off in the coming months and next E3.

    1. if you played previous version of Dead Rising you’d understand why it’s in the game… the game is full of these little things.. probably thumbed that way because alot of the DR fans were saying that the game looked too serious at E3 and they were taking the quirkiness away so the developers came out with this video to show it still existed in the game

  8. Blizzard Reveals iPad-version Hearthstone in Development

    Though several months have passed, we are still not really over the shock that an iPad game is in development by Blizzard. It doesn’t help that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft looks so rad, either.

    Anyway, the reason why we’re bringing this up today is because Blizzard has posted a new dev blog about the free-to-play CCG, confirming that it’s basically feature complete and might go into beta within the next few weeks. This pertains to the PC version, mind, but progress on that build can only mean good things for the iPad version.


  9. KillZone is pretty.. but same lame forced path, and to top it off on the worst network. Anyone arguing FPS for sony is full of it. Honestly ill probably own both systems, but there is no question it will be Xbox One for network reasons allow. IF were only talking about gaming. PS2 was awesome, PS3 was awesome intentions, but weak results. Not to mention all of the problems with security. Truthfully the PS4 should be called 3.5 because its the PS3 with a turbo strapped on. If that’s what you want, make it about that. And lets not forget, the PS3 was $599. Ironically a whole hundred bucks more that 360. PS3 would have fallen into toilet if it wasn’t for the fact that at the time it was the cheapest bluray player on the market. PS makes good games but doesn’t hold a candle next to Xbox. Facts are facts.
    Good luck everyone on whatever you choose. Fanboys please stay with PS4. The less of you on our network the better.

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