An upcoming Xbox One mandatory patch is expected to increase the console’s performance for video games by around 8% by reducing the Kinect requirements that developers have to meet.

Microsoft’s next generation console has so far been fairly lackluster when it comes to the graphics department when compared to its direct competitor, the Playstation 4. So far, almost every multiplatform release has been significantly more impressive on Sony’s console, such as the recently released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition which features framerates up to 60fps while the Xbox One averages closer to 30fps, as well as other performance and graphical differences in other major titles such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Blag Flag.

Hot Hardware are reporting that the Kinect currently eats away at a rather substantial 10% of the Xbox One’s GPU power, 8% of that specifically for the video processing of the fancy motion detector. The upcoming patch will apparently free up that 8%, the remaining 2% will be left for the always impressive voice recognition that the console actively uses.

Will another 8% be enough for developers to release similar qualities games on both platforms? Who knows, let’s hope for the best.

Source – Hot Hardware.

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  2. Don’t really care about resolution or frame rate just as long that the console gets games for the duration of its existence. Do that I may buy a second one.

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