Over the past couple of days Sony and Microsoft have officially commented on the issue of price for it’s individual games coming for the next-generation (eighth generation). Microsoft noted that games for the Xbox One will cost the $59.99 that games are sold for today. Sony also noted that their games will cost the same as well.

I can hear a harmonic sigh of relief in the back of my mind as I read this considering it could’ve been very easy for both publishers to raise the price of the games to $69.99 for this new generation with the increase in hardware on the inside of both of these consoles. What do you think? Are we saved that Sony and Microsoft are sticking with the price point of $60 for the next generation? Even Wii U games are priced at this same price point as well, so we should all be pretty used to it by now.

Jereme Puik
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  1. So Microsoft expects gamers to pay full-price for a game they will go through Hell to play and will never really own in the first place? And which will be useless when the next generation of consoles comes out, probably? Good luck selling games, Microsoft.

    Frankly, the price remaining the same with the economy in this state is still not exactly kind of either company. They just know most people can barely afford $59.99 titles, so going for $69.99 would limit their sales even more.

    Still, considering the increasingly restricting and demanding way in which corporate power is running this world, I guess this is a kind of blessing. I’ll pass on both, though.

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