A midst the announcements for Xbox One, Microsoft has revealed that their next generation console will not be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games as well as Xbox Live Arcade games. The only thing that will be compatible with the Xbox One is your Gamer Score as you’ll be able to port over your achievements. It’s a shame Microsoft is ditching backwards compatibility as all the games you might’ve collected for use on Xbox 360 will now become useless in next gen.

On top of that, in order to play your pre owned games you will reportedly have to pay a fee to play the game. Putting even more monetary fees on top of paying for Xbox Live every year. So, in the end is Xbox One really worth it? Although I think the biggest thing you can get excited about is that you’ll at least be able to have 1,000 friends on your list.

Jereme Puik
I'm a veteran gamer with a passion for writing and the video game industry is where I plan to stay. In between playing/reviewing the latest console releases and the latest news you'll find me reading and watching NHL games rooting for my team (New Jersey Devils) Outside of college taking over my life I enjoy a very active social life.

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  1. Not worth it at all. Made my Wii U look even shinier

  2. wow FUCK THIS like seriously its BS….

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