During the latest Inside Xbox showcase, Microsoft announced that six classic Xbox 360 games will soon be enhanced via the Xbox One X.

Headlining those titles in the classic Ninja Gaiden II, which will be playable on the Xbox One for the first time.

The other games set to benefit from the improved hardware are from the Splinter Cell and Fable series. From the former, Double Agent, Conviction, and Blacklist will all be updated, while both Fable II and III will similarly be improved.

Ninja Gaiden II is reportedly available immediately, while the others will be rolled out over time.

Chief among the enhancements for all titles is a nine times boost to the overall pixel count. As ever, each of the games can be played either through the original disc or after being purchased on the Microsoft Store.

Curiously, rumours of new entries in both the Splinter Cell and Fable franchises have been rumoured in recent times, so Microsoft may be preparing players for new games to come.

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Damien Lawardorn
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  1. Fable II and Double Agent are the highlights here for me. Must say my X is definitely seeing more use than my Pro these days.

  2. Think I’ll buy an XB Two whenever they are out for 4k NG:B & NGII (and all the other console only BC games)!

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