As a Playstation 3 user, I feel that I’ve got a pretty awesome selection of exclusive games for my console. The Uncharted series, inFamous series, LittleBigPlanet series, Metal Gear Solid 4… I could ramble on for days how genuinely fantastic these exclusives are. Yet I often do glance over at Xbox 360’s console exclusive line up and sigh dreamily over what could have been. Here’s what I think are the most wanted console exclusive games that PS3 players want to play. (*I have played next to none of these games and most of what I’m writing are my own impressions based on reviews and videos*.)

Gears Of War

Big, bloody and curb stomps. These 3 words are synonymous with the juggernaut series, Gears Of War. The apocalyptic exclusive has received rave reviews and has often been note to be the best 3rd person cover shooter of the early console generation. While Uncharted does borrow the cover-shooter mechanics, I feel like I’ve missed out by not playing Gears. The Horde mode seems to be great fun with friends and I can’t help feel that I missed an excellent story. What do you think? Did you enjoy Gears’ story or was it clichéd? The “MadWorld” trailer is haunting yet beautiful.

Trials HD

Trials HD reminds me of the many iPod/iPhone apps on the App store where you guide a motorbike through a level with speed and care. Except with Trials HD, there’s explosions, ski jumps and giant iron cages to race around in. The game is just absolutely fun. On top of the fun levels, there’s a level of challenge in it that is reminiscent of Hotline Miami. You constantly repeat sections over and over to get the best score. Addictive and challenging, Trials HD is a great and cheap game to play.


State Of Decay

This zombie killing, open-world game took everyone by surprise. It received great reviews and was praised for the immersive experience and was even called “one of the best zombie apocalypse survival sims ever made.” The game may be ugly and have issues with glitches but the core experience is what makes the game so appealing. What game does the PS3 have that’s a zombie survival sim? State Of Decay looks like a great experience and it’s a shame that Playstation users missed out on it.



Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2

(Before I begin, I understand that L4D1+L4D2 is available on PC but when it comes to consoles, it is exclusively on available on the Xbox 360.)

Left 4 Dead. The game is renowned for its coverage on YouTube and praise from the Internet community. It’s a 4 person zombie horror game that focuses on shooting and teamwork from the people that brought you Half-Life and Portal. While Left 4 Dead boasts an impressive and fun experience, PS3 fans can only gaze with longing at the chance to kill zombies. I doubt that there is anything similar to this game that is PS3 exclusive. Left 4 Dead is probably the ultimate choice when it comes to 4 player co-op and it breaks my heart not having a decent PC/Xbox to play it on. Sigh. The intense situations and shootouts, the satisfaction of completing a level, and the craziness and randomness of a level draw me in like a moth to a flame. If you’re like me and you purchased Dead Island thinking this would be a solid replacement for L4D, I feel for your pain.


Halo 3

Ahh, Halo. When people think Xbox, they think of Halo – especially Halo 3. It’s a multi-million dollar franchise with numerous games that have aggregated impressive score all round. Its online service has helped to set the standard for online multiplayer shooters and paving the way for massive competitors like Call Of Duty and Battlefield. While these FPS games did exist before Halo, it was Halo that made the other games shake in their boots and realise that they need to up their game and online capabilities. Halo helped pave the importance and emphasis on multiplayer we have today. While the online is fantastic, the story seems to be an epic, space fantasy tale that can rival Star Wars. The story of Master Chief and the Halo universe is very expansive and it has a rich, deep lore that I would love to explore. As a PS3 owner, I respect Halo] and what it has done for the game community. (Except for tea-bagging, of course.)



So that’s what I think some of the best Xbox 360 games that we Playstation 3 users missed out on. Believe me, there was a lot more Xbox 360 games I wanted to include but I felt I picked the cream of the crop with these games. What do you think? Am I right or I am completely and utterly wrong with my selection? Let me know in the comments below!

Nathan Hughes
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  1. How could you leave out Alan Wake and Lost Odyssey? By far the most interesting 360 exclusives in my estimation.

    1. Dammit, I knew I was missing one! Alan Wake reminded me of Twin Peaks meets Stephen King.. Very interesting game!

    2. Alan wake is on PC , not exclsuive to Xbox 360 neither is L4D or gears of war 1

      1. Says at the top of the article, console exclusives. And some of us just don’t do PC gaming.

  2. As a PS3 user, I’m fine not having any of these

    1. i agree specially halo HA

  3. In all honesty, State of Decay is the only game on this list that i want to play. It will be on PC soon :)

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