The ever-increasing library of backwards compatible games available on the Xbox One increases today with the well-loved 2008 JRPG Lost Odyssey.

With this title, Mistwalker and Feelplus captured the “old style” of turn-based RPGs like the early Final Fantasy games in a story following the immortal Kaim battling amnesia and a changing world.

Though the story was generally praised, there were points of contention in regards to gameplay that suffered from the same issues plaguing this style of game: mainly dated controls and long loading times. Still, it has become a cult classic of sorts for many players enamored by the soundtrack, visuals, and character driven narrative.

Unlike other backwards compatible games, however, it is not yet available digitally on the Xbox Live marketplace. This issue is most likely due to the fact that the original Xbox 360 disc release was spread over four disks, and most multi-disk games are not currently available for sale on the marketplace.

Phil Spencer has stated that it’s possible this will change, and those who have been holding onto those disks all these years can now jump back into this immense and engrossing world. Toy Story 3 and Guwange join Lost Odyssey in the backwards compatibility library, which now boasts over 250 games and counting.

Sources: Aaron Greenberg, Phil Spencer, Backwards Compatibility Library

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