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Rablo Games is aiming to shine a light on the underappreciated class of healers with Healer’s Quest, which allows single players to empathise with the joys, frustrations, and sacrifices of white-robed healers everywhere.

Mechanics-wise, the project inverts the usual turn-based system by making enemies out of player’s own inept NPC teammates as opposed to combating monsters. Essentially, players will have to heal, strategise, and react to their party’s lack of skill.

The cast of characters consists of the usual array of RPG tropes, including a bossy tank, a handsome archer, a depraved mage, and a raging barbarian. The gameplay, too, includes usual RPG design, focusing on the the careful balance between healing and micromanaging mana reserves. A surprising amount of depth is promised, including 22 spells, in-depth skill trees, a loot system, as well as fully-fledged dialogue choices to compliment the game’s ‘Good, Evil & Victim’ morality system.

The title appears to bridge the gap between MMO-culture and single-player, telling a delightfully humorous tale akin to a World of Warcraft healer’s nightmare. Further information can be found on the Healer’s Quest Steam page, which reveals that the game will be coming out for PC on April 18.

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