We just posted the story about Wolfenstein: The New Order running 1080p/60FPS on the PS4, and, as promised I emailed a rep about the Xbox One version of the game.

Angela Ramsey a PR rep of Bethesda Studios has confirmed to OnlySP that, “the Xbox One version of Wolfenstein will run at 1080p/60 fps.”

Previously we could only confirm that the PS4 version would do so. So there you have it, both version will have the same specifications which means we can all get along now. I’ve also responded asking to confirm the 15-20 hour playtime quote and will update this story when we have a response.

Stay tuned for more details on Wolfenstein: The New Order right here at OnlySP.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Resolution and frames aren’t the only defining factor. Lighting, textures, colors, physics, polygons etc.? PS4 will always have the superior multiplatform game over the X1 this generation. I’m not even sure if one game will be even superior on the X1. Last generation it was like a 50/50 split on which console had the better port. This generation seems like it’s gonna be 100/0.

    1. First of all both console fail in comparison to PC. Second of all, your comment makes no sense. Just because the Peasant Station 4 has a smaller advantage (and I do mean small) in the GPU, over the XBONE, doesn’t mean its a 100/0 comparison.

      You lose the internet today.

      1. ^PC
        I said consoles. All the multiplatform games have been better thus far on PS4. It’s 100:0 thus far. Whether it be 3% or 10% better, better is still better. And as the generation wears on the gap will even widen. And if you wanna talk about PC, there’s people that don’t consider PC an option with PS4 sales hitting near the 6 million mark by now.

        Looking the same is relative. But when the cheaper system “looks the same” that’s already saying a lot. Why would I pay more for something that looks the same, and from infinite amount of reports it does not “look the same” because the PS4 is slightly better on everything.

        As far as online service.. that’s a wash. I came from the 360 and with PS Plus free games it more than offsets the X1 service. Kinect is barely utilized in multiplatform games. There’s apps on PS4 that aren’t on X1 too. Your talking about things that don’t really matter..

        1. “Thus far, thus far, thus far…” Lol, anyway how is it a 100:0 ratio when they’re both 1080p except that one of the console upscales (not Bf4 which PS4 runs at 900p). The difference is miniscule, you’re trying to find anyway to praise the PS4 and downplay the XBox One, when in reality they aren’t that far from each other.

          1. Apparently it matter last gen when the 360 camp said their multiplatform games were better. So why won’t it matter this generation. It might not matter to you but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter for others.

          2. What are you on dude? Last gen no one really bragged about multi-plats’ performance, the difference between the 2 was even smaller than it is now.

            Why are we even talking about last-gen, how is that relevant to my argument? Lol.

          3. You must be new to gaming then. There were lots of game comparisons and debates just like the one we are having now. And it’s relevant because I’m trying to tell you that it matters. The PS3 wasn’t worth the extra $200 to lots of people because on 360 you can play pratically the same game. While this generation the tables have turned.

          4. I’m not new to gaming by any means, because I do just that: game. I don’t waste my time getting into petty debates over which console is better, it’s childish.

            Back to last gen (again, why are we talking about this..), the amount of discussion and coverage on console performance is NO WHERE NEAR where it is nowadays. There are 10x the amounts of articles and videos this gen about consoles pre/post launch than there were least gen. If you say otherwise, you’re delusional.

          5. ‘I don’t waste my time getting into petty debates over which console is better, it’s childish’.

            …Im pretty sure you have just joined in a petty debate.

          6. We aren’t debating about which console is better, I’m just proving a point.

          7. ‘We aren’t debating about which console is better, I’m just proving a point’.

            Debate: to discuss a subject in a formal way.
            Petty: Not important, and worth worth giving attention to.

            It doesn’t really matter what the subject matter was. you joined in to discussion will people with opposing views, each trying to argue the merits of their console….sounds like a petty debate to me. :D

          8. Re-read what you replied there. You contradicted yourself not once but twice. Not to mention your spelling, lol. If anything arguing with you would be petty.

          9. Lol, yeah. my spelling did suck when re-read it. However, I don’t see how I contradicted myself.

          10. “It doesn’t really matter what the subject matter was”

            Um, yeah that kinda what determines what makes the argument petty or not.

            Also, the definition of a debate depends on the context: debate n. 1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a formal discussion.
            But as a ‘verb’ it takes another meaning: debate v. 4. to engage in argument or discussion.

            We’re ‘debating’.

          11. Appreciate you guys keeping it civil!

          12. It was probably even worst back the because ps fans are more vocal especially since they were on the losing end back then. The systems were more even. And Nintendo fans had the Wii. There’s hardly any WiiU fans trying to defend there system anymore.

          13. PS3 was way more powerful than the Xbox 360 in terms of processing power.
            What made the difference was the tools and DX.

            It’s called optimization.

          14. “when in reality they aren’t that far from each other.”

            Keep repeating that. Maybe it’ll make it true one day.

        2. I’d say it is fair enough if you were only talking about consoles but I would point out that the PC is a competing platform so in all fairness it should be included in the conversation. Sure the upfront cost is more expensive but the games are cheaper. It averages out in the end.

        3. We’re 4 months into the next-gen, and you’re taking old gen ports as examples to prove us all Xbox One is weaker. See nothing wrong here ?

          We recently learned Xbox One is DX12 capable, meaning we know nothing about it’s GPU and real capabilities since DX12 is not even out yet. Don’t you think it’s too early to jump to conclusions ?

          I think in a year some people are going to have a big, big surprise.

      2. another phony xbot, pretending to be a pc fanboy. you aint folling no one, kid. i bet you its dakan. that guy has nothing better to do with his life but obsess over this s#!t. He is fanatic. And the difference in the gpu is not “small”, its actually quite big, 50% more CU’s (18 vs 12), 400% ACE/Queues advantage(8/64 vs 2/16) , 100% more ROPS (32 vs 16), 56% higher teraflops (1.84 vs only 1.18effective on X1), 50% more shaders (1152 vs 768), 88% higher fillrate at 25.6 gpixels vs 13.65, 40% texels at 57.6 Gtexels vs 40.9. 72 texture units vs 48. so its a little more than just a little bit more powerful. and you already have games like COD which runs at 125% higher res on the PS4 than on the X1, and BF4 56% higher at 900p vs 720 or Ac4 which is 445 higher at 1080 vs 900. so keep telling yourself that there is no difference, but the truith says otherwise

        1. “that guy has nothing better to do with his life but obsess over this s#!t”

          This is a funny comment from you considering you comment on every one of these articles to push your Sony fanboyism. Both consoles are good at what they do. PS4 is more powerful, Xbox One is better at other things. If PS4 was completely dominant across the board then I might agree with you but I own both systems and the only wins that the PS4 has so far is graphics and price. The Xbox is better at everything else but it seems that those things either do not matter to you (which would be a fair opinion to have) or you choose to ignore them in your arguments (which is dishonest).

          1. I also own both and I mainly buy all games on PS4 and exclusive Xbox One, except for CoD Ghost and BF4 which I own on both. My question to you is what is the Xbox One better at because your saying everything else.

          2. Multitasking, ease of use, HDMI in for tv or other devices, voice control, controller battery life, downloading/installing games (Sony still has the same PS3 type of thing where it has to download and then install whereas it is one process on Xbox), etc. Almost anything that I can think of is better on the Xbox. I own both and like both of them quite a bit but just use the Xbox more. Most of my gaming is done on PC and I only use the consoles for their exclusives.

            I did think of something else that the PS4 does better and that is upgrading hard drives. That is definitely better on PS4 but then again I think Sony indicated they wouldn’t be supporting external HDDs but Microsoft will at some point. That may have only been a temporary thing but if not I would call that a draw. They just did so many stupid things in my opinion with the PS4. You cannot quickly turn off the controller like on PS3 as the option is now two menus deep. They also have this annoying music that constantly plays when you are at the home menu. Maybe there is a way to turn it off as I haven’t looked that much and I know it is a minor complaint but I would rather it be silent.

          3. Multitasking is pretty much the same as you can just go in and out of menus pretty easy on PS4, The HDMI In is not really a plus as it didn’t work for Google TV and it’s also not working for them right now cause watching TV through it still pretty clunky. Why would I plug anything else into the HDMI In port so that if I want to use that device I would have to turn on my Xbox One and forget connecting another gaming console through it cause then you creating a small amount of lag. As far as the controller goes you can set it up to turn off after 10 minutes of you not touching it, another cool thing is that if your controller is running out of battery and you press the button on a second controller it will go into the choose a profile and once you pick yours the other controller will automatically turn off and the second one takes over.

            Voice Controls still needs a lot of work it’s still up in the air cause sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t work, I never had an a problem when I say Xbox On it always works for me but the minute you have people over the Kinect Voice controls stop working or you have to make sure that no one ever uses the word Xbox in a sentence. PS4 voice controls through the camera are no better but one plus about it’s voice controls is that you can use any mic the voice control feature is not attached to the camera it self though they are not any where as near to what the kinect can do when it works right. As far as downloading games and installs some of the games you can start playing when they get up to a certain percentage and still downloading games like Killzone, BF4, CoD and others. Games on the Xbox One do have to install believe it or not it’s just part of the process as it’s downloading I noticed this when I downloaded the Titanfall beta. Let’s just say they both have a long way to go. I’m also a PC gamer but I pretty much get everything and a lot of the times multiple copies of the same games on different systems cause of friends and family.

          4. Multitasking is not more or less the same thing on PS4 as it has to suspend a previous app to go to the next. The Xbox allows you to have 6 (I think) at any given time and switch between them without having to close them. Not a huge thing but it is faster in this regard.

            I don’t personally use the HDMI in feature since I don’t have TV but for the people that do I would say that is an awesome feature. Like you I wouldn’t connect a console through it but I specifically said other devices rather than consoles.

            The controller by default turns itself off on the PS4 like you mentioned but the fact that you had to mention how turning on a second controller works in tandem with the first one just shows how horrible the battery life is. You need two controllers at minimum for it not to be annoying. I have two of them but I also disassembled them and replaced the small mAh batteries with larger capacities and disconnected the stupid glowing light. Now I don’t have any batter related problems but out of the box that is not the case. Also they should have left the option alone for how to turn off the controller. It should have still been in the same system menu where you just hold the PS button down for a second and directly turn off the controller. However they have hidden it in the devices menu making it a pain in the ass to do every time you don’t feel like waiting. Which for me was every time before I disconnected the glowing light which I found distracting.

            Yes both systems allow you to play games while they are downloading which is a decent feature to have I guess but usually you are restricted in some way while other features are downloading in the background. I just wait until they are done to start. I’m not stupid and realize that games on the Xbox One have to install. I just prefer their method of having one progress bar and it is done. For some reason Sony separates it in two sections which I just don’t prefer. Small gripe…..I know but something that I’m going to mention when pointing out the differences.

            I’m primarily a PC gamer like you from the sound of it and only buy exclusives on consoles because the PC always has the best version unless it was a bad port or something like that.

          5. I think that we can both agree to disagree here. The PS4 feels like a games machine that can do media while the Xbox One feels like a media box with gaming capabilities, we are both PC gamers here so we both know that games installs are part of the process to have a problem with the way that games install it’s a bit ridiculous cause as a PC gamer you go through the same process and in the end you’re not sitting there watching this thing download or install (Or are you?) you just play something else or even watch TV and once it’s done it will let you know and if your internet is any good you just have to wait a few minutes.

            On the controller the light has never bothered me you don’t even notice this light while your playing cause it’s not facing you and if the lights are on it’s basically nonexistent, I do single player with 7.1 Surround Sound speakers on and Multiplayer with 7.1 surround headset on (Astro’s A50) the light on the controller is the last thing on my mind. Lights don’t bother me The Xbox One controller has the Xbox logo lit up and it’s facing you and it’s a big white light that doesn’t bother me, my Samsung TV has the Logo lit up that doesn’t bother me and even the Kinect and Xbox One have the Xbox Logo lit up that doesn’t bother me. The only time I ever noticed the light on the PS4 controller (DualShock 4) was when my lights were off and I was playing Tomb Raider and the light reacts to what you do, so if your shooting the light blinks as if it was the gun going off or acts like fire when your holding a torch I’m not gonna lie that was pretty cool very immersive.

            The battery life on the controller last through my entire play through I did purchase the Sony’s Charging Station which I guess helps. I’m usually streaming for 2 to 3 on the PC, XBox One or PS4 and the DualShock 4 never died on me while streaming. The light on the controller will be used to track your position in some games at some point like with fighting games to know if your sitting on the right or the left side using the camera. The Xbox One controller has those 2 little blinking IR lights on the top for Kinect to track it when your playing games like Dead Rising 3 (I actually so someone complain about that two tiny blinking lights) LOL!

            In the end those two systems are still babies and they’ll go through a lot of updates that will soon fix a lot of the problems people may have with them. I certainly wouldn’t have disabled the light cause you know at some point and update is coming that will allow you (If it Bothers You) to turn it off. A charging station some black duct tape would have been a much easier fix. Multitasking is better on the Xbox One cause you can go from watching TV to playing to watching Hulu Plus or Netflix you can do all that on PS4 except from going from gaming to watching something else cause then it will close your game but it let’s you know. “Sorry!!! Wrote to Much”

          6. No its cool. I think it is ok to have different opinions. Perhaps the light bothered me more because I always keep it dark when I’m playing a game. I played Tomb Raider on PC last year but I did play Killzone and it would be red when you died which while I guess it could be immersive I just found it distracting. It sounds like you had a better experience with the battery life as well because my controllers would die in 5 to 6 hours. I’m used to using rechargeable batteries in the Xbox controller which last a lot longer so I found it more disappointing that I had to have a second controller. It isn’t an issue for me anymore since I disconnected the cable inside the controller and replaced the batteries but it would be nice for those of us that do not intend on getting the camera to be able to turn the light off. I still prefer this method because now the light isn’t sipping power from the battery. It may not have used much but I’d rather have that much more battery life than a glowing light.

            While these are small issues that maybe I made sound worse than they are…..the biggest issue on both systems is the fact that they are missing the DLNA and multimedia server functionality that the older systems had. I’d also like them to patch in 3d bluray playback as I’m one of the few people who actually like it. Oh well back to Borderlands 2 with my Corsair 2100. :)

          7. Xbox One is DLNA capable, and you can stream any content to the Xbox via your computer.

      3. Uggh, now this retard is getting agrees? Jesus take me home. This world is done

      4. What’s the point bringing up PCs in relation to consoles? Of course PC is better. It also turns out that Xbone is the worst.

    2. Multiplat games always look the same. The X1 is just a more enjoyable console to play on from the online service, to the community, to the Kinect, to the many additional features like instant game resume, snapping, and the plethora of better apps.

      1. Your online is overrated, your community is dumb, your camera is cancerous and no one cares about your features.

        1. do you ever stop bashing xbox you freaking troll?

          1. Calm down, Dakky, it’s only a console. No use getting mad over a bit of plastic!

          2. look who is talking. Still licking sony’s dck going around bashing xbone and praising p4 while you own either? Oh well, check my other comment for major pwnage.

          3. “Major ownage.” Poor Dakky, still deluded. :)

          4. you just had to reply pathetic troll?

            Sorry your pathetistaion 4 is a piece of crap. DEAL WITH IT KIDDO.

          5. I will, Dakky. Try not to meltdown too hard. :)

          6. dakky? is that suposse to be a insult? Someone who made a acount cal you are flat out wrong is suffering from a serious case of meltdown and tries so hard every day to defend his pathetic sorry arse existance by deending sony, you are pathetic kid and you dont even reallize it.

            I would call you troll but you know very well what you are.

          7. And yet here you still are, crying your bi*ch tears. :)

          8. still butthurt and obsessive compulsively replying.

          9. Seeing how long it takes until you calm down and quit. :)

          10. that made no sense, but if you look up its you who losses his sht not me.

          11. Yeah, the one goading the paranoid sh*tposter is the one losing his sh*t. I love you, Dakky, never change. :)

          12. put some more insults here and there kiddo, you will make your point better by the way

            “Yeah, the one goading the paranoid sh*tposter”

            Someone else is going crazy and suffers a meltdown so hard he cant even post properly, haahahah you are so funny and pathetic kiddo.

            Yeah GET MAD!!!

          13. It’s called getting past the moderation system, you idiot. >:D Not too good at thinking, are you?

          14. No you just naturally braindamaged to kee posting “goading” around like a idiot.

    3. One already did: Strider. Read Digital Foundry’s comparison. Sure, it’s due to what’s most likely a bug in the PS4 version, but that’s it, you’ve got your Xbox One superior game :P

      1. Just read it now.. Yea I stand corrected. It’s about 30:1 now.

        1. You don’t understand odds.

          1. Accuracy doesn’t matter. It just means that last gen it was roughly half and half and this generation pratically multiplatform game so far is better on PS4.

          2. Can i just say you are one Dumb dumb dumb individual. I will start by saying Accuracy matters or else you wouldn’t be trying to compare numbers. The next thing i would like to say is that Superior is a word you should just fully stop using. How long has these systems been out? Your thinking using cod and Bf4 is a determination to which ones can pump out the most. For something so superior why is it that the Xbox one is now matching the ps4 with wolfstein….does that mean the games are shall i say….closing in together. Do you even know why in the beginning of this life cycle the ps4 was able to spit out better multi-plat games than the xbox one but, now as the cycle is going on the xbox one is catching up? i mean it doesn’t take a genius or nothing but hey you may just be that exception…i dont mean to be rude but your just being a real dick

          3. Getting angry much to try to get the point across?? Accuracy doesn’t matter, are you developing the game?? Never said BF4 or COD were benchmarch. I said those are the casual games that sell a lot and determined a large part on how many sales each system sold. And you must be new to games too because Wolfenstein is traditionally downgraded vastly for consoles. It’s not gonna push either system. It’s a PC game first. Just like Crysis is way better on PC but when you compare COD to the PC the differences are less. And in no indication it means X1 is getting catching up because 1080p and 60 frames because that’s only one aspect of the game.

            I’m being a dick..? Everyone else are name calling. I’m not the one getting angry and then in-flaming messages.

          4. It wasn’t really half and half, during the start of the generation just about everything was superior on Xbox 360, it took a while before PS3 games caught up and we saw some multiplatform games being superior on PS3, in reality it’s more like 70/30 or 60/40 taking those first few years into account.

  2. what 1080p on Xbox none, in-line advertising trick, xbone too weak to run the good game on a 1080p

    1. And PS4 just stutters the fuck out.


      1. 6 million PS4s and counting. “But but look at me I have a PC gaming rig” No one cares about your rig lol. Jealous, that PS4 gets all the good publicity??

        1. So you’re telling me that you’re having a better experience with your PS4 because it’s selling more? What does that have to do with you? Sony’s the one pocketing the cash lol.

          1. More sales equals more games. Japanese developers are finally on board. Last gen they were almost non-existant.

        2. More sales means more people find PS4 more attractive unlike you all xbox fanboys.

          It is time you wake up and see the reality.

        3. There are over 2 billion PC’s and counting

          1. That’s nice. I have 5 PCs but none of them are used for gaming.

          2. Hmmm…..you have 5 PCs and you don’t game on any of them. May I ask what you use that many for?

            Also did it occur to you that you could have spent the $400 upgrading one of your PCs to where it would be much more powerful than the PS4?

          3. Basic desktop, 3 laptops, and a netbook. I don’t like PC gaming. I like the console community the better and the pickup/play aspect.

        4. wow…you really are desperate.

          More sales = a more enjoyable or better system?

          Most ridiculous argument ever.

          gtfo. and btw, we all know n4g (included in your name) is full of ps fanboys. so get your ps fanboy rhetoric out of here.

          1. Angry much?? Everyone is suddenly coming back from the hills when the X1 gets a “positive” news item. Atleast be consistent. The hypocrisy on the internet..

          2. I’m done with you.

        5. yeah we are jealous because

          at gdc 50% of developers work on pc games and only 19% on ps4

          and what does ign post?

          “20% of devs work on ps4 games”

          Ps4 get so much hype to make it seem like its the best thing ever when the reallity is diffirent.

          I bet journalists get payed to hype ps4.

          1. Oh yea that’s why you PC gamers like to come to console news and say “oh but the PC does x”

          2. sorry it came from consoletards coming to bash pc at every occasion

            Pc has 50% of the market and ign posts 19% of the devs are on ps4, proof that they desperatly trying to downplay pc.

    2. Much English. Wonderful important.

    3. oh well hello big ps fanboy how u doing hahaha :P

  3. Ok I still don’t see why this resolution-gate is such a big thing as long as it has good mechanic and great story in fine with it

    1. Hits the nail on the head for most common sense ever!
      If resolution mattered more than gameplay we would all be stuck with Dragons Lair games forever more.
      Most people that argue over “resolutions” and “GPU’s” are usually sat playing into the early hours on Call Of Duty…. a game that uses a 7 year old game engine and textures!
      It will take another 2 years before we start to see some truly breathtaking graphical improvements and by then the Xbox One will have had at least one if not two SKU’s delivered to the developers that make full use of the equipment to make it run much better……. and Microsoft are world-renowned for producing the best developer kits when it comes to their products.

      1. Aside from reporting on stuff like this to keep people informed about the products they’re buying, it’s really something that should be a non issue in gaming and is completely overblown in most situations. I’m glad Angela was straight forward and gave us a clear response to this unlike a lot of other developers giving well… maybe… answers.

      2. Your post implies that next-gen specs (full 1080/60) and a good story line are mutually exclusive.

        They are not.

        1. you’re part of the problem… if you think 1080p/60 is here to stay then you have another thing coming my friend

      3. World renowned. Show me the money on this one, glad I sold both my Bones and kept my PS4 this time.

        Dream on. Coca Cola is good for you too right? Oh the have the diet version too. A product with merit no doubt.

    2. Of course you don’t– you are a console gamer.

    3. Fact

    4. You’re fine with spending $100 extra on gimped hardware?

      1. For the awesome games and exclusives it has and will have? Hell yeah! My fiancé loves the dance and work out games on the Kinect as well… You can go back to being a bitter little troll now.

        1. Only DR3 is worth the price of admission really. Most of the launch games are awful or 360 ports and no one cares about the gimmicky Kinect crap. Sorry.

          1. Speak for yourself and not the millions of people with the console. I love being able to walk into the living room after work, say xbox on, then xbox internet explorer and have pandora up and running all before I even get settled in. That’s just one scenario of at least a dozen other uses I find for the kinect.

          2. Yes, you are the cancer killing vidya.

          3. And you are an absolute dickhead….

          4. Cry harder, bot. :)

          5. Titanfall is a pretty cool shooter. It’s content is sure to be a problem, but the game itself is still great. Other than that, what PS4 game is worth owning? Hell I don’t even think DR3 was worth it. A step in the right direction for the series, but nothing captivating. I’m still waiting on something on the PS4 to be worth it, even Second Son is looking to be a glorified tech demo (especially with the powers chosen. Smoke= particle effects. Neon=color, and resolution whoring). Not impressed at all. Really liking the cinematic feel of The Order, want to see more, and hopefully it isn’t in a lot of corridors.

          6. Infamous and Ground Zeroes are why I’m getting a Quad. Certainly better than the PS3, wasn’t until 2008 until I had a reason to get one of them. Of course, it’s all down to personal taste.

          7. Dude it was the same on ps4. All the games out are ps3/xbox 360 upgraded games.

        2. awesome games? Lol . the oly xbox franchise Halo is dead after Bungie is gone. 720p looks horrible on 1080p tv

        3. Lol Dance workout. … That is exactly the problem with that console.
          On topic the game is also on ps3 and 360 what else are expecting ?

          If it didnt make 1080p/60fps then it would be news.

    5. What you need to see is that this is solid proof that developers have gotten lazy. Games like this are made with care, and if they can hit 1080/60, so can everyone else. In the end the resolution doesn’t matter, depending on distance, and TV size most people don’t even take advantage, more so people can’t tell the difference. Those who do can’t see much, in fact they’re pretty close the science proves so. The absolute worst part is that every game on the Xbox One is in 1080p, it’s just up-scaled, and it’s almost identical. The sad part BEYOND that is that Ryse (though a thoroughly mediocre game) is arguably the best looking, so far. Textures is what needs to be improved, and on top of that (despite stupid fanboy logic) frames per second DOES NOT NEED TO BE LOCKED AT 60. Unfortunately people think that because 60 is double that of 30 it’s automatically better, when in fact the frames benefits the genre in it’s own way. Action adventure? 30. Twitch reaction games like fast paced shooters, or something like Demon/Dark Souls? 60. There’s a reason films use 24 frames, it’s cinematic, and it’s why The Order looks good the way it does. Being at 30 gives it that cinematic feel. The actual beauty of a game revolves around it’s textures, not it’s resolution. 720p should be the standard seeing as how developers are still fumbling with basic design errors. Let the machines up scale them, put the rest of the resources into something else.

      Perfect example, Dark Souls. Does anyone think that game is pretty? Hell no, not even in 1080p, it’s textures are so bland, topped with crappy art design for a lot of the scenery it makes for a rather ugly game (with the exception of the bosses, or armor sets). It’s truly an ugly game, and being in 720-1080 by today’s mythical standard would be pointless, it’s the textures that are the problem. Not to mention the best benefit by far if we stick to 720p this generation, or even 900p, we free up resources for other things. What if my game world could be 20% larger if my game was in 720 over 1080? I’ll take 720, please and thank you.

      In the end it’s textures that make things pretty, and the frames mean nothing when it doesn’t suit the genre. 720 is more than enough to display a pretty scene. And 30 frames is perfect for anything that’s shooting for a cinematic feel. It’s time developers stop throwing big numbers around as if they’re superior when all they make is thoroughly mediocre games. And it’s time for the fanboys to get behind the science of these things, and realize the benefits of compromise in a games resolution, and the science behind picking the right frames per second, and not 60 just because you can.

  4. You forgot the magic word … “native”.
    Every game actually runs at 1080p on Xbox One, it’s just not native, it’s upscaled.

    1. (Angela Ramsey a PR rep of Bethesda Studios has confirmed to OnlySP that, “the Xbox One version of Wolfenstein will run at 1080p/60 fps.”)

      You are so right, all Xbox One games run at 1080p she didn’t confirm if the game was running at native 1080p. I guess now will just have to wait for it’s release or until more info is let out.

  5. Oohh kill em!!!

  6. It’s called knowledge people. Xone will deliver very soon and maybe able to do more then what you have been told to this point. Watch, read and learn to think for yourself instead of being lead by a string. I am by no means belittling the PS4 because I think it rocks.



  7. No matter what xbox1 do, it will never going to be superior over ps4 this gen.
    Wake up xbox people. M$ totally screwed this one up by forcing people to buy Kinect with gaiming console which resulted in raise in price at low spec.
    All the multi platform games that’s been relseased proved to be work better on PS4 and xbox games still cost the same $60.
    Unless xbox1 is the only console you have, why would you throw money on something poor over something better?
    I myself have both ps4 and xbox one but I haven’t got to play anything on xbox since the launch because all the multi games work better on PS4 I never got a chance to run it on xbox1.

    1. “No matter what Xbox1 do, it will never going to be superior over PS4 this gen” Well glad that’s settled.

    2. Totally laughable. Hahaha

    3. Wow you should really check your typing! It’s really good lol

    4. I bought the Xone for games.
      They’ve delivered.
      I don’t feel AS gypped as I would had I paid for a console that had no Games.

    5. I’m not sure why your point is relevant. 360 had the best multiplatform games last gen in terms of performance and resolution but it doesn’t mean anything. It is an entirely useless point that you are making. Also you are ignoring the fact that while the PS4 is more powerful it isn’t better simply for that reason. The Xbox One is better at pretty much everything else. You just have to sacrifice a bit on the graphics side from time to time. Both consoles are great and you should just enjoy the games. I’ve said it multiple times but if graphics is the only thing that matters to you then you should really just get a PC or upgrade the one that you have. You can easily update a PC to be more powerful than either of these for around the same amount of money and you could save money in the long run as the games are cheaper.

      1. Bingo, with 500-600$ I can get an R9 and an i7 + motherboard and kick next-gen’s consoles ass. If the only thing that matters for you is graphics, buy a PC and you’ll get to play at 1440p with the best graphics. A gaming console is not just about graphics, especially when difference is so ridiculous. Xbox One offers so much more than that.

    6. Well if your grammar tells us anything… I don’t think you know what you’re saying.

    7. I own both… I play my Xbox One more… it’s about the exclusive and Sony has none that matter right now

    8. You don’t own an X1. I would say nice try, but it was an epic fail on your part…Just another troll…yawn

    9. You’re deluded…have you ever heard of exclusives, yea multiplatform games are going to work better on the PS4 but that doesn’t mean each console isn’t going to have its fair share of awesome first party titles….oh and the UI, Multitasking and the way kinect works is far superior to PS4’s counterparts in my opinion which is a far more next-gen inclusion than 1080p/60FPS….and I have both consoles….just sick of MS getting all the stick all the time for the XO, PS3 got abit of stick when it first launched but this just pure bullying…..just enjoy gaming….the only thing that is turning into a joke this generation is the gamers…not the consoles.

  8. It was a great game on the Xbox, but the sequel on the Xbox 360 was a bit poor. From the vids I’ve seen, this looks good, but that doesn’t prove much, but this surely must be an improvement. This genre has become very tired, but it makes a change from Call of Duty and Battlefield. Can’t remember the last time I played a classic shooter, but Black Ops came close. Doom 4 to look forward to also and also Left 4 Dead 3. Will probably pick this up when it’s under £20 (that’s all these games are worth…).

    1. it was a great game, it had hub world, side missions secretts to find, upgradeable weapons, various powers, monsters.

      Get it.

  9. Wonder how it run on PC then , from this one it looks like we won’t be needing some $2k beast..

  10. PS4 and XB1 1080p60 but my money’s on one console not actually being 60fps for most of the time.

  11. Well,
    Looks like the graphics in this game will be ultra simple.
    Come on, compress those textures a little more, and even the GameCube or PS2 will run the game at 1080p.

    1. the graphics are from 2008 so no wonder.

      1. 2008, really?
        I remember playing a wolfenstein game on my PC, I think, many years ago.I think that title and ‘no one lives forever 2’ were 2 of the latest games I played on computer.
        I also remember that version of wolfenstein was pretty good… I remember of a castle, on the top of a mountain, and a lift all made of iron. I remember my legs shaking when I was on the lift. Almost life-like graphics. That game WAS cool.

        So, the new order is going to suck, you think?
        Too bad, this license and theme could , with a few good writers, generate some great stories, with all the power on PCs and next gen systems, give birth to some great games.

        1. who cares? This new wolfenstein has 15-20 hours of sp, no mp, perks, upgrades, cool weapons, mechs, nonlinear maps and more.
          Fps suck nowday, this looks like a good game.

  12. This game is going to be so goddamn awesome. A pure FPS.

  13. kinda relevant to the graphics vs power debate


  14. Those graphics look damn good!

  15. What I fear with multi-platform games is, they will end up being designed with the lowest common denominator in mind.
    All evidence seems to point to the Xbox one being the weakest of the two consoles. The Xbox One will still sell well. it will be a big enough market for a developer to want to make games on. What i see happening is, Microsoft will throw money at a studio, Sony will too, the studio will create a game that runs good enough on the xbox, it will run better on the PS4, but not in a way that really shows the extra horsepower.
    Side by side, the games look identical. both will be 1080p, same textures, AA, etc Its just not worth spending money adding extra features to the PS4 version, its also not worth spending extra money squeezing the last ounce of performance out of the xbox to get it up the what the PS4 version could be.

    I hope i’m wrong. But sadly i don’t think i will be.

  16. Can’t all games run at 1080p @ 60 fps if enough of the eye candy is scaled back? I guess what I’m saying is that a game running at 60 fps on console “a” may not be equal to the 60 fps on console “b”, correct? My apologies if I’m off the mark here.

    1. Correct

  17. I wonder how long resolution-gate will last? Seems to be slowing down after 4 months or so. The whole PS3 is faster and more powerful lasted for the entirety the generation and still made no difference to the games being better or worse on the 360.

    1. No the difference was it made them better on PS3.

      1. I don’t agree and I had both systems. In some cases I was able to actually run the PS3 and 360 versions side by side because I had friends who had bought the PS3 version of the game when had the 360. I saw nothing in graphics, game play or connectivity if it was a multiplayer game to make me think the PS3 or 360 was any better or worse even the exclusives. I see the same crap trend in the XB1 vs. PS4 and neither resolution nor frame rate is a convincing argument. If it helps you decide that is great, but for me so far it has meant nothing.

  18. I’ve heard this story before.

  19. This should never have been a non issue, but so many media outlets have been fanning the fan boy flame over a handful of launch/early games. It was always pretty obvious the system would be running most games at 1080p before long.

    1. Lets see how long it lasts.

    2. Wanna see the root of the problem? Go visit Dualshockers.

      1. The same website that also does the whole “resolution doesn’t matter” schtick? OK then.

  20. Been a long time since I’ve murdered any Nazis. Hopefully this will help.

  21. Congrats to all xbox one owners, now if you’ll excuse me ill be busy playing on my ps vita :)

  22. Soon to be reversed before launch to, “sorry I was wrong its actually 720p on xbone and 1080 on PS4.” You watch.

  23. It will run 1080p 60FPS…..which means we’ll clearly see a quality drop when comparing it to PS4.

    Let the comparison videos/screenshots run wild. The difference will be just like MGS5 Ground Zeroes.

    Haters gonna hate drones gonna deny.

  24. Ha this game was purely for ps3/360. No doubt x1 can hit 1080p and 60 fps on this designed for last gen title.

  25. I bet it will only run at this resolution with cloud processing..


  26. Some people really confuse me, before the PS4 and the Xbox One launched, many gamers were saying that 1080p + 60 frames per second was a must because otherwise it was no longer “next-generation”, now that the consoles launched and they found out that not every game is going to hit that particular frame rate at that given resolution, it suddenly does no longer matter. I enjoy both consoles equally no matter the resolution or the frame rate unless it drops down to single digits, they are so cheap and there is no PC for the price that will match the performance of these consoles and still people keep bitching…

    1. Resolution, while nice, is way overblown. What’s more, as both Xbox One and PS4 games get more complex in the coming years, more and more of them will fail to hit 1080p/60fps benchmark that people are so obsessed with.

  27. Finally?

  28. This is good news for Xbox One owners but a bit of concern as a PS4 owner. My concern is that the PS4 version is “dumbed down” and so graphic equality between the versions. This is definately a trend I don’t want to see for these consoles, I switched from Microsoft to Sony for a number of reasons and high on the list is its power advantage.
    Please make the best game possible for each console developers.

  29. Happy for Xbone users to be happy with the 1080p 60fps news, For PS4 users, it simply means the graphical assets are compromised. Disappointing to say the least. Good for Bone users and a slap in the face for PS4 owners – “we could have done a better job with the extra power of the PS4 but we took the easy road and brought that version down to Xbox level.”.

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