Some new details were released about Wolfenstein: The New Order through a number of previews and interviews this week.

According to the NeoGAF thread, the game will run at 60FPS across all platforms as the game was “hardwired” to do so as noted in a previous interview. However, I could only confirm that the game will be 1080p on the PS4 (comments section) currently and will get in touch with a rep from Bethesda to confirm if the Xbox One version will be the same.

In addition, the campaign is said to last gamers at least 15-20 hours on a normal playthrough. According to a number of previews and interviews with the developers, the game has a strong narrative focus, which is great to hear. Campaign length will obviously vary depending on how quickly you progress through the game based on your previous experiences with FPS games, but without regenerating health, that may extend your playtime a bit on the harder difficulties.

Last year Bethesda also announced the game will be a single player only title, but as I searched through forums and previews to confirm the information from the thread, it seemed like a lot of people had no clue the game didn’t feature multiplayer so I figured I’d reiterate that here. The New Order will release on May 20th of this year.

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  1. It will be below 1080p on the Xbox One, of course, or else they would’ve told us otherwise.

    Vote up if you agree.

    1. The comment came from the PS Blog, so obviously I wouldn’t bank on that as a source for the Xbox One specs. I’ve sent out a few emails, we’ll figure it out soon enough. Not a big deal either way though, game looks good regardless.

      1. I just saw the source was neogaf, didn’t click through but you’re right, PSBlog never mentions anything regarding their green counterpart.
        That being said, I am pumped for the ‘stein and hopefully our Xbox brothers get the game running at Full HD as well.

          1. Good man, Thanks for doing the digging!
            Now, if you could only find out about that huge PS exclusive next month….. ;)

      2. Your source is a thread on Neogaf.

  2. even though the length is good to hear, how long will it last for as a replayability game?:/

  3. now that sounds awesome. BUT i found myself that long games can be borring and repetive, bioshock infinite, dead space 3 darksiders 2

    Id rather have 5 hours of fun than 15 hours of boredom.

    1. Some games are completely pointless and boring, I agree, but BioShock, Dead Space, and Darksiders are among the best ever single player campaigns out there. Those games are well worth the $60 price range including the new Tomb Raider which I played through like 5 times and Oblivion which I had about 100 hours on gameplay in.

      Games like Remember Me which I feel ashamed that I spent $30 used and barely got through the 3rd level before I put it down and Thief which I’m also finding hard to keep my interest lately is what drives me crazy.

      $60 is not a bad price range but when you have a family to support and live paycheck to paycheck, choosing games to buy on a month to month basis can be a struggle.

      I really hope that this is 15 hours of greatness for the 60 price tag and not a regret that I did not save the money for something better.

      PS… God of War (the orginial),was also one of the best games ever !!!

      1. i settle for 10 hours as good as god of war 2

  4. “According to a forum thread on the Internet”


  5. Please just focus on the games. Started by a few trolls but I fear the comments may become as useless as IGNs.

    1. Focusing on the game don’t worry. But, as resolutions are an important matter to gamers nowadays, we do have to report on them. :)

  6. This the only game I wanted 60fps 1080p on so far.
    Never was worried about MGS 5.

  7. Over 100fps on PC…….

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