Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, an ever-expanding ARPG currently in Early Access on Steam, has released a new roadmap and a litany of revamps.

In a move of unprecedented developer transparency, the developer, WOLCEN Studio, has released its own Trello page to the public, complete with details of the game’s progression. The developer is no stranger to large updates, with the last significant addition coming in April 2018.

A few interesting details have been elucidated on the page, including changes to the core gameplay including additions to passive skill trees, new implementation and balancing of skills, and changes to boss modifiers. The Trello page itself acts as a relatively lengthy document, so fans should certainly give it a good read.

In terms of revamps, Wolcen will be changing the way potions operate in-game. In order for potions to fit in with the game’s difficulty objectives and requirements, potion slots will be reduced from five to two and will no longer share a cooldown. Using potions will consume charges and can be refilled following fights with enemies; the amount of charges an enemy produces depends on its difficulty.

Further additions include new armour types, the addition of blocking and life leech, as well as a slight revision of attributes and stat bonuses. The character sheet, too, will see a change, making it easier to read with the goal of improving theorycrafting.

Fundamentally, these changes have been brought in to, in the developer’s words, “extend players’ possibilities when it comes to character survival and resistance […] [to] answer to the question: “What choice can you make to survive in Wolcen?” The rest of the details can be found on the Wolcen Steam page.

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