Within the Cosmos

Developer debdev has announced multiple gameplay mechanic updates for its first-person sci-fi RPG, Within the Cosmos.

The announcement came via the game’s Steam page and focuses on the game’s RPG mechanics.

Players will have access to five attributes: Constitution, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, and Charm. Each of these five attributes will directly influence the player’s starting skills. “Putting points into Intelligence will increase what your Medical, Engineer, and Science skills will begin at,” debdev wrote.

debdev also revealed that players can choose between 14 different skills to distribute points into when leveling up. Additionally, focusing on specific skills will unlock related perks.

Skills tree for Within the Cosmos

Within the Cosmos will have 62 perks for players to tailor their playstyle. Perk points are earned every two levels, and some perks have requirements for players to complete before the perk can be unlocked. For example, some perks require attributes and/or skills to be at a certain level before they become available.

A further change coming to Within the Cosmos is the inclusion of damage numbers. This was not originally going to be in the game, but its inclusion is primarily because fans had requested it. However, the developer stated that “damage numbers are completely optional. You can toggle it on and off in the menu.”

debdev has updated the game’s inventory by making it easier to navigate, and also, players can now view their character when equipping gear and weapons.

Another gameplay video is planned to show off all the changes since the last gameplay reveal. Despite originally aiming for a September release, the developer has not confirmed a new release date for the game.

OnlySP’s Damien Lawardorn spoke to Within the Cosmos‘ developer Francis Debois about the impressive indie title’s gameplay, lore, skills, and perk points.

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