Throughout the entire Assassin’s Creed series we’ve been traversing  gigantic Middle Eastern and European cities. Moving to the New World will force players to change their tactics in Assassin’s Creed III and add a whole new dimension of gameplay to an ever-evolving series. With the great cities gone, we will now be finding our way through the countryside and emerging cities such as Boston and New York. Which at the time obviously didn’t have the gigantic skyscrapers we see today. How well will the developers adapt to the change? Will fans of the series even welcome the change?

I whole heartedly welcome the change as the cities between each Assassin’s Creed, besides the cultural style, was getting a bit stale. From the pictures and details we’ve already reported on we know we can expect seasonal and setting changes such as winter and summer, cities and countryside. Will Connor, the game’s new protagonist use camouflage and other tactics like guerrilla warfare to eliminate his enemies? Trees have already been confirmed to be climbable so we already have a sense of how the environment will be used, but to what full extent we don’t know. It would be cool to be able to hide under piles of leaves or maybe even snow drifts and spring up and take down the enemy. Kind of like how the hay bales were used in past entries. Maybe the game could take a cue from Pandemic’s Sabotage and using enemy uniforms at your convenience to sneak into enemy camps, but with the risk of being shot by your allies.

At the time of the Revolutionary War, muskets were available. So far the only type of gun we’ve been able to use is the “hidden gun” that Ezio had access to. With guns being a mandatory for soldiers in this time period will we see Ezio using a long range rifle? My guess at the moment would be the bow and arrow we see from the images released. In the image we see Connor with a tomahawk and a bow and arrow so Native American tradition definitely has an influence on the weaponry Connor uses. We’ve also learned that Connor can hunt in the game and skin his game to sell for currency. Maybe the time of day will also factor into gameplay. A problem many games have is changing the senses of the enemies during night and day or even during a thunderstorm etc. They always seem to react the same way to your presence and can find your position at night just as easily as during the day.

The previous iterations in the Assassin’s Creed series had Ezio and Altair fighting in some bigger battles in Brotherhood and Revelations. With the updated Anvil engine will we be able to take part in some of the larger battles of the American Revolution? Of course there would be certain targets to take out within the battlefield. One target that came to mind as soon as it was known that Assassin’s Creed III would take place during the American Revolution was Benedict Arnold who is known for being a traitor to the cause. I’m sure General Cornwallis and some of his advisers are also on the table for being assassinated, but it’s good to hear that there could even be Templars lurking amongst the Americans. I’d also like to see some player choice come into play during the assassinations. Although this would be very hard to implement as the game follows a very strict timeline of events and choices made by Desmond’s ancestors. But the choice to maybe spare a targets life or using other methods of obtaining information on the target by interrogation of random soldiers etc, just an idea, but  it may not  fit into the series’ play style.

The setting of Assassin’s Creed has largely been the same throughout the entire series’ lifespan and it has most definitely been a factor in how the game is played. I’m very interested to see all the new gameplay changes coming to AC3 and seeing the Revolution in the video game is also a huge selling point for me.  It’s going to be interesting to see how long time fans react to the change, but hey it should turn out great. We’re always asking for a refreshing experience from annually released games and Ubisoft has definitely taken that to heart since apparently this one has been in the works for three years behind the scenes.

What changes would you like to see in the gameplay? How much of an influence do you think Native American weaponry will have on Connor, or do you think some gunplay may become a factor? They were experimenting with snipers at the time after all. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your thoughts are!

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