The creative director behind the upcoming dark fantasy shooter Witchfire has rejected the idea that the game is a looter-shooter, but is “not going to protest” if fans want to use the label.

Adrian Chmielarz penned a blog post outlining the mechanics of the typical looter-shooter and arguing that Witchfire takes a different tack than that of Borderlands or Destiny. However, that rejection comes with a caveat:

“We have bits of RNG. We have role-playing aspects. We have playability/replayability pretexts. […] Technically, then, I guess one can call the game a looter shooter.”

The clarification comes as a response to feedback received from a public showing of the most recent internal demo.

Where Witchfire differs from its competitors is that the gunplay and skill ceiling are the driving forces of the game, rather than loot being the reason for players to continue.

The game will incorporate mechanics and design principles intended to inspire players to seek mastery over the levels and invite a high level of replayability. However, this does mean that Witchfire will borrow more from arena-based games than story-based ones.

Perhaps most reassuring of all is that Chmielarz has knocked back the suggestion that the upcoming game will use an aggressive monetisation model.

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Damien Lawardorn
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