Witchfire is the new dark fantasy shooter from The Astronauts, the team behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

The game is set in a dark and gritty environment, with monsters and creatures attacking the player as they attempt to survive in the horror-inspired world. While the game borrows elements from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, such as the first-person perspective, it looks to be very different in style and gameplay, with players using guns to fight off enemies—a gameplay mode not entirely foreign to the developers, who worked on first-person shooters Painkiller and Bulletstorm while at People Can Fly.

“The reason we’re launching the teaser so early is simply to let everyone know that we’re alive and kicking, and how radically different this new project of ours is compared to our previous game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter,” chief developer Adrian Chmierlarz told Eurogamer.

No release date has been attached the project, and no platforms besides PC have been announced.

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Rhain Radford-Burns
Rhain discovered a long time ago that mixing one of his passions (video games) with the other (writing) might be a good idea, and now he’s been stuck in the industry for over six years with no means of escaping. His favourite games are those with deep and captivating narratives: while it would take far too long to list them all, some include L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption (and its sequel), Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Last of Us, and the Uncharted series.

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