It looks like we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to play the final act of Geralt’s journey.

CD Projekt Red has just sent out a letter to the press and fans alike announcing another delay for The Witcher 3. Originally planned to release on February 24th, the team has decided they need another 12 weeks of development time for the game to make sure it’s the best experience possible. The Witcher 3 will now release on May 19th, 2015.

You can read the official response from CD Projekt Red just below:

The sheer size and complexity of The Witcher, key features of the title, have had a decisive impact on production. Now, nearing the end of our work, we see many details that need to be corrected. When we release the most important game in our studio’s history, we must be absolutely sure that we did everything we could to limit any bugs to a level that will allow you to enjoy the game thoroughly.

With this in mind, we took another look at current workloads and what they mean for the team. Even though everyone is working at full speed, we concluded that we need another 12 weeks, so we are shifting the release date of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt toMay 19th, 2015.

We owe you an apology. We set the release date too hastily. It’s a hard lesson, one to take to heart for the future. We know what we want to do to make Wild Hunt one of the best RPGs you will ever play. And we continue to work hard to achieve just that. So, we apologize and ask for your trust.

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  1. I am fine with this. I currently have an AMD Phenom II X4 965, ATI HD 5970, and 4GB RAM. After the holidays, I will be updating my rig with a new proc, 32GB RAM and will try and snag the new r9 390 on release.

  2. For me it is not good information. They delay this release day two times so it is not good for the game. I think they need to think a little more before say their game is almost finished. I’m so disappointed.

    1. Look at the top games of 2014. The HUGE releases; Dragon Age: Inquisition, Halo 5 Master Chief Collection, Assassins Creed: Unity, Destiny. All of these were released with game-crashing bugs. Why? In order to make it out to sell for the holiday, and without a care to the consumer.

      CD Projekt Red cares enough about YOU to make the decision to hold the game and fix the remaining issues so that the game you buy is worth the price. They care more about your satisfaction and their reputation than they do about cashing in and just taking your money.

      They already admitted that they spoke too soon. However, they could still release it Feb, but it would not be as polished as they would like it to be. I am disappointed as well, but I would rather wait for a game that works than to buy a game that doesn’t.

      1. I agree with you this games have a lot of bugs and I understand this they don’t want to release game with bugs but honestly do you play ever in perfect game without bugs or crash? Developers allways do patch with fix so for me bugs in that large game is inevitable. For me if they focused only on create The Witcher 3 not on board games or something else then game will be finished on time. They must know how much time they need to finished the game when it was delayed first time.

        1. Sure. I have played a many games that never crashed, and only had a small number of obscure bugs. But these bugs were caught by the public after released and were subsequently patched.

          I would never release an unfinished or buggy game, and I would never purchase a game that was known to be released with major bugs, not until the patches have been out. Companies who release a game too early, knowing full well the bugs and glitches, are basically thieves.

          If I pay 60 bucks for a game, I want a game that works now. Not to pay 60 bucks and then have to wait 2 weeks for a patch so that I can proceed to the next level, or have to start over because the saved game is incompatible with the patch.

          And no, they didnt know how long it would take. They estimated how long it would take, and announced a date. During these last few weeks, they saw other areas that needed to be addressed, and determined that they would need a few more weeks to tackle those as well.

          1. on the one hand, this is good news, but why the hell give the release date when they have finished the game? when for the third time, the fourth? delay the release of the game? This is in my opinion cheating. I would rather wait two years for a game, than every six months to fail another delay.

  3. None of this do not understand. After all, the game was practically over. And now again they need more time? Already, for the first time, they could announce that the piecing everything will take more time than they thought. Kind of it looks nice, but somehow it does not involve me anymore.

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