While RPG fanatics are currently rummaging through the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, another, much larger RPG is creeping into view as 2015 approaches. The Witcher 3 is almost here and CD Projekt RED really hasn’t shown off much of any of the game since its reveal. That may be changing relatively soon.

Actually, we’ll be seeing some new footage of the game tonight at The Video Game awards, but apparently we’ll be getting a lot more than that ahead of the launch of The Witcher 3.

Answering a fan’s question on Twitter regarding if CD Projekt Red would be revealing more about The Witcher 3 ahead of its February launch, the developer responded saying, “Yes, more information & coolness coming soon.”

Personally, I’d rather CD Projekt Red didn’t reveal too much of the game before launch so there’s a real sense of discovery and wonder while playing. But, of course there are others who want to know every little detail about a game before launch so hopefully CD Projekt RED does a good job balancing that.

We’ll be sure to bring you the new footage of the game we see tonight, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates on everything that comes out of The Game Awards this evening. The Game Awards will be aired live starting at 9PM Est tonight.


Nick Calandra
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  1. Holy time sink, Nick – you think Witcher 3 will be bigger than DA:I?! I’ve got 80 hours (I’m level 14) into it & JUST unlocked Skyhold!!!!! OCD, anybody?! Good thing I’m retired :)

    1. Oh most certainly. They’ve only named a few locations in the game so far and the playable game space amounted to 52 in game miles. The last time we talked to CD Projekt they said the game could even be bigger by the time the game releases. The world is already 3.5x bigger than Skyrim’s to put it in perspective.

      1. Wow! With all that mileage to cover, Gerald will be 80 by the end of the game!

        1. Geralt is already over a 100. Witchers live looong. :)

          1. I really need to try to catch up on the lore before 3 comes out. I haven’t read any of the books & haven’t played either of the first two games.

  2. Here’s my obligatory hype post after a Witcher 3 article:


  3. This game looks so amazing cannot wait for it.

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