In a recent blog post, Belgian indie developer Cybernetic Walrus announced that its futuristic antigravity racer, Antigraviator, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2019.

Originally released on PC in June this year, Antigraviator takes place in the year 2210, when incredible scientific breakthroughs have made antigravity racing possible. The game features three separate race modes, 12 tracks, high powered future weaponry, and customizable vehicles.

In the same post, Cybernetic Walrus Managing Director, Mike Coeck wrote about the challenges of getting Antigraviator up and running on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After considerable work involving delicate GPU and CPU balancing, the team has been able to get the game humming along at a nippy 60fps on PlayStation 4, though work remains to be done on the Xbox One version:

“To get a bit technical—working on consoles has been a story of small gains: you’re either CPU or GPU-bound: your frame takes longer to render on the GPU or process on the CPU. […] We’re nearly there though, and can’t wait to see console streamers try to beat the best times put down by the likes of Z-Boy, Division X, and Toadetteplayeuse, who have been dominating the PC version so far!”

In addition to providing an update on the status of the console versions, Coeck also announced the immediate availability of a free update for PC players, just in time for the holidays. This update brings a number of fixes for small issues, as well as a crisp new black and white winter skin, seen above.

Following a failed Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Antigraviator was picked up by Dutch publisher Iceberg interactive and shepherded to release on PC.

Development continues on the console versions of the game, currently planned for release in early 2019. Cybernetic Walrus promises more concrete dates soon.

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