Serial Cleaner

Time for the next part of OnlySP’s Play in Summer Giveaway to begin!

This time, we have three Steam copies of iFun4All’s fast-paced stealth/action game Serial Cleaner up for grabs. The game released a little over a week ago, and has been receiving strong reviews on both Steam and across the web. You take the role of a cleaner for The Mob, tidying up crime scenes while doing your best to avoid police officers and nosy bystanders in a gloriously kinetic, garish ’70s-styled aesthetic.

All you have to do to enter the competition is leave us a comment below telling us your favourite Mafia/Mob-based piece of media and why. The best responses will be picked by our editing team. Entries close Friday, July 28 at 12:00pm GMT, so get on it!

Damien Lawardorn
Damien Lawardorn is an aspiring novelist, journalist, and essayist. His goal in writing is to inspire readers to engage and think, rather than simply consume and enjoy. With broad interests ranging from literature and video games to fringe science and social movements, his work tends to touch on the unexpected. Damien is the former Editor-in-Chief of OnlySP. More of his work can be found at

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