Let’s face facts; the rise of retro games and the renaissance of nostalgic gaming patterns in one of the key market trends for 2016. This is hard to ignore, and there are two primary factors behind this development.

Firstly, we have the generational shift in gaming demographics, as those who played primitive computer titles between the late 1970’s and early 1990’s are now returning to the fold thanks to online gameplay and no deposit casino sites. This has created a motivated market for retro games, both in their original and a revamped format.


The concept of modernised retro games also brings us to the second driving force behind this market trend, as technology has advanced to the point where old titles can be reinvented and redesigned with contemporary graphics.

This is arguably the most influential driving force behind the renaissance of retro gaming, especially with virtual and augmented reality now core elements of the mainstream. VR is certainly expected to take retro gaming to an entirely new level, with the Kickstarter-inspired, adventure roll-playing game Null of Hope the first title to showcase this. Operating as a classic list and click arcade game against the backdrop of a virtual, 3D environment, this is the first of many games to truly modernise the retro experience.


This will elevate the retro gaming experience and bring classic gameplay patterns into the modern age. While this is a positive thing for many gamers, however, there are a select few traditionalists who believe that this contradicts the core appeal of retro gaming and has no genuine place in the market. Of course, this is simply a matter of taste, although there is no doubt that virtual reality technology will have a huge impact on retro gaming in the next five years.




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