When PokémonGo was first announced, I really hadn’t the slightest interest in it. I’ve played a few Pokémon games in my day, and I very much enjoyed Emerald when it released. Some of my fondest memories are playing that game, and discovering the secrets of the Regis and capturing Rayquaza for the first time. With PokémonGo‘s immense popularity and success (much to my surprise), I’m curious to see where Nintendo and Game Freak go with the series and, truthfully, I hope they head to the NX.

It’s always astounded me that neither Nintendo or Game Freak have put the effort forth into making a console based Pokémon RPG. If PokémonGo is any indicator, the series is still just as popular (if not more so) than it was in the 90s and early 2000s when Pokémon and YuGiOh were all the rage. Whenever I talk to someone about the series, they ask the same question: why hasn’t Nintendo brought the series to their non hand-held consoles yet?

In my opinion, with the lack of success for the Wii U it was exactly a financially viable option to invest in a sinking ship. I also think Nintendo is afraid of bringing Pokémon to consoles because it would hurt the sales of their handheld machines like the 3DS. The games bring in the company a substantial amount of money and obviously don’t have the budget of a AAA title like we see on today’s consoles, so I’m sure profit margins are quite high for each title.

With the release of PokémonGo though, I’m curious to see if that’s Nintendo’s way of testing the waters with different platforms for a mainstream Pokémon game. Go obviously isn’t as feature-rich as mainstream games in the series, but it’s a starting point for the company and a very successful one at that. Every person I know has that app downloaded and uses it on a regular occurrence just like they would Snapchat or Twitter.

Nintendo needs system sellers for their next console, and they already have a fantastic looking Zelda game in their line-up that’s sure to sell systems. I can’t see anything but a positive reaction from the gaming community if Nintendo were to announce a console based Pokémon game that provided players a more rich and expanded experience than what handheld technology currently allows Nintendo to produce.

With Nintendo NX on the horizon we can already see that Nintendo is taking some risks. Fans have been clamoring for an open world Zelda title for years, and they’re finally getting it. Fans have also been asking for an actual Pokémon RPG on consoles since the days of Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, and it’s about time Nintendo and Game Freak provided that experience. The only way for them to screw it up would be to deviate from the formula that has made the games so successful.

I can tell you one thing: the day Nintendo announces a Pokemon RPG for the NX is the day I buy that console, and I’m not even that big a fan of Pokémon.

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Nick Calandra
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