Since the time that EA announced Overstrike way back when, I’ve constantly been asking myself what reason I have to pick up this game. Over the last few months though, it’s begun to pique my interest due to it’s cooperative gameplay and creative weaponry that Insomniac is so well known for. Sadly, I think FUSE will be one of those games that garners high review scores, but low sales due to EA’s lack of marketing of the game aside from a trailer every now and then and the fan feedback of the game due to EA’s partnership with Insomniac, leading many gamers to believe it will simply be another generic shooter under the EA brand.

The main draw for anyone looking to purchase FUSE is that it’s primarily a cooperative focused game, something that gamers have been asking for more of in recent years as split screen gaming has somewhat disappeared from the gaming scene. Watching gameplay clearly shows that Gears of War has had a big influence on the design of the game, and that’s actually a great thing in my opinion. If you’re going to reference any third person shooter for fast and fluent third person shooter action, Gears of War is clearly the franchise to take note of. It’s also currently one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to getting my hands on FUSE and playing it on the PS3. Aside from Uncharted, and maybe Socom 4, the PS3 lacks a good Gears of War style third person shooter.


Aside from the influences the game may or may not have, there’s certainly some creative weaponry to be found. Focusing on the cooperative side of things, each character has a certain weapon branded to them and players who combine these weapons together can create some pretty awesome effects. Even the more conventional weapons in the game can be strategically used with the Xenotech weapons to create different effects. A list of the Xenotech weapons will be posted below.

Alongside the Xenotech weapons, you can also expect the norm for character and weapons upgrades and so on. To what extent the upgrades go however, we won’t find out till the game releases.

Magshield (Fuse + Ferrofluid) – A portable shield that blocks bullets coming out but allows teammates to fire through while being protected by the shield.

Shattergun (Fuse + Melanite) – A gun that has the ability to crystallize foes.

Arcshot (Fuse + Mercury) – A crossbow-like gun with a scope that can shoot fire arrows.

Warp Rifle (Fuse + Antimatter) – A rifle that creates a singularity field that traps your foe inside and explodes.


Gamers still continue however to discredit the game as being another generic third person shooter with a macho space marine attitude. While the gameplay that Insomniac has shown hasn’t done much to change peoples minds about that, the walkthrough video below shows some clear examples that FUSE still contains some of its comical elements from Overstrike before the change was made. During a scene around the 7:15 mark, the player takes down an enemy during a quick bathroom break, prompting one of the characters to crack a quick joke. “I can’t believe you killed a man mid-leak.” Not the funniest of lines in video games, but I’m sure some players will appreciate some light hearted dialogue between the characters.

Another point to make about the game being just another generic third person shooter is the variety that you will encounter in the environments of the game. According to IGN in a post back in December of last year, fan feedback prompted Insomniac to go back and add tons of color to the game making it “look like a world that could never exist, but one that you would want to visit.” IGN also noted how vibrant the colors were, saying “verdant greens, searing reds, and pulsing blues are present throughout, lending a sense of the fantastical to the characters and environments. It’s altogether more vibrant than Resistance, and unmistakable for any other game in the genre.” FUSE sounds like it will be a breath of fresh air from the grittiness that the majority of shooters love to boast about.

The story mode of FUSE may be its weakest point entirely, but this seems to be a “gamer’s game” in the sense that it’s a game that doesn’t appear to be taking itself too seriously, and we can only hope that players give it a chance considering it’s coming from the minds of Spyro, Ratchet and Clank and the Resistance series. They clearly have some big name franchises behind them and FUSE could end up being inducted into that list of acclaimed titles. You may not like EA as a publisher, but if you find FUSE interesting enough, at least try to support Insomniac for their efforts. It’ll be quite interesting to see what the final say is when the game releases on May 28th. One other thing to note is that the game will not include an Online Pass which is surprising considering how cooperative/multiplayer centric the game is.


Ted Price even told IGN in the same article referenced above that they retain 100% ownership of the IP which apparently is extremely rare in the world of Publisher/Developer relations. The only other game that comes to mind at this point in time for being another big sleeper hit would be Remember Me, but more on that later.

What do you think, will FUSE be a critically acclaimed game that sells poorly due to EA’s logo on the box? Do you plan on picking up FUSE? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. “Aside from Uncharted […] the PS3 lacks a good Gears of War style third person shooter.”

    Lol. I just found this comment hilarious. It’s basically equivalent to saying, “Aside from Halo, the Xbox lacks a good sci-fi FPS.” I’m sure most PS3 fans would take Uncharted over Gears of War any day.

    1. Not to mention there’s games like Spec Ops: The Line, Max Payne 3, Vanquish, Tomb Raider, Binary Domain, etc. etc, available on the PS3 and he picks Socom 4. lmao.

      1. Yea, was thinking Gears of War (thinking exclusive at the time of writing) and was thinking PS3 exclusive Socom 4 and Uncharted. Insomniac on the 360 just hasn’t caught on with me yet.

  2. Whats funny s how many morons didn’t actually care in the least bit about this game, until they changed the name, the minute it became Fuse suddenly Insomniac was crapping on peoples dreams, peeing in their cheerios, were the ones who crucified Jesus all because they changed the name and decided they wanted this look…Granted i’m sure it’s generic and mediocre either way it’s what Insomniac does best outside of Ratchet…Hopefully it doesn’t take 40 minutes to instal and 40 minutes to uninstall like Resistance 3 did

  3. Just what the industry needs: another macho man tps with Arnold style one liners and biceps the size of an elephants dong. As I age in years I find I need my games to have substance. Sure, gears was awesome back when this gen started but I’ve drifted to games like portal, little big planet, infamous, fallout, uncharted….when I hit a Lol in releases I go back to the classics: chaos theory, Zelda, old Mario, rainbow 6…

    These types of games that EA are forcing devs to produce are for the new gamer age 13-20.


    1. I hope we see something on Rainbow 6: Patriots at E3..

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