As we edge closer and closer to D-day on September 9th those who are interested in industry trends have to ask themselves: which of the two gaming giants will get the biggest Destiny bump?

In Microsoft’s camp there are already a plethora of Bungie fans who have appreciated numerous Halo games over the years. However you have to remember there was a bit of a backlash when Bungie decided to buddy up to Sony during their 2013 PS4 announcement especially. Gamers can be petty but the ones I talk to on the street aren’t too worried about it.

The Xbox 360 is in the perfect spot to bring a huge bump in sales of the game itself since it already has a massive install base. That’s a bump for the game but not for Microsoft hardware, it’s the Xbox One that needs a wave to ride on. It appears to only have about 1/3rd of the install base of Sony’s PS4.

The PS3 falls into the same trap as the 360, Destiny is basically sold on it because of the large number of systems out there among people who won’t be upgrading any time soon. In Fall and the holiday season Destiny will be a game that commands console sales. There will be bundles, there will be content, and there will be marketing campaigns.


Microsoft will have the most money to put into a campaign to sell Xbox One’s using Destiny but Sony will have a couple of facts on their side that might just outdo all that cash. For one, the game is going to run the best on PS4. It may only be incrementally better, or indiscernibly better, or what have you but the back and forth over resolution and frames per second on the internet has basically established that the best place to play the game (from a pure performance standpoint) will be the PS4.

For another, there’s that pesky console exclusive content which will include a co-op mission called The Dust Palace Strike, the Exodus Blue Crucible arena, a special set of armor for each of the 3 classes, 2 new weapons, and 3 special ships. That’s a pretty good haul of content for hyped and excited gamers who are yet to decide whether or not to buy an Xbox One or a PS4. We shouldn’t forget, however, that this content is set to eventually make its way to Xbox One for the patient.

Maybe this will be the game that puts Xbox One on top in the United States where many analysts believed it would be, or maybe Destiny will just help Sony’s star rise even more. That white PS4 bundle does look kind of nice. When D-day hits, who do you think will get the biggest boost?

David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. I’m willing to bet the online infrastructure might come in to play here as well.

  2. There will be no massive uptake of Xbox One and PS4 until they get proper exclusives people want to play. Titanfall for a “next gen” title was pretty poor.. It looked and played like a 360 game complete with screen tearing that affected other 360 titles (Darksiders was another prime example).

    Why people thought that would sell a next gen console I will never know.

    Destiny will not cause people with 306s/PS3s to upgrade

    1. Actually I am one of the people who is upgrading from an xbox 360 to a ps4. Don’t generalize… Try to remember that your opinions are not fact. You sound ignorant when you think they are the same.

      1. Well done.. I upgraded months ago.. I said Destiny (and other cross generation titles) will not be the catalyst for a mass uptake of the new consoles.. Simply because YOU are making the upgrade doesn’t mean that others will be following suit

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