Crackdown 3 was originally revealed at E3 2014 via a short teaser, but we didn’t see actual gameplay until Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference in 2015. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the gameplay for the first time I was blown away (pun intended) by the destruction being shown on screen. However, the developers were sure to note that this type of destruction would only work on the online portion of the game through the use of Cloudgine’s tech with the single player campaign’s destruction being scaled back quite a bit.

I’m wondering, with Project Scorpio, if that will be the case anymore.

Here’s the original reason why the single player portion of the game wouldn’t include the level of destruction the online portion would, according to creative director Dave Jones.

“One of the things that we want to do is that we don’t want to destroy the city in the campaign. You are going to be the good guy in the campaign. You will be saving the city, so we came up with a whole new way to take Crackdown to this multiplayer experience.

I don’t really buy that explanation. In the original Crackdown games you could do pretty much anything you wanted. You would lose points for taking out civilians, but that didn’t stop players from doing it. So if players want to take down the city in the new Crackdown, why shouldn’t they be able to? It is a sandbox game after all.

I’m not super well-versed in tech, but I have to assume that the specifications for Project Scorpio are more than enough to get the job done for what Reagent Games want to do with Crackdown 3.


  • 4k gaming and high fidelity VR
  • 6 teraflops
  • Most power GPU in a console ever
  • Highest res, best frame rate
  • True 4k resolution
  • Support for Fallout 4 on VR
  • 8 CPU cores
  • 320 GB per second of memory bandwidth

The game was also recently delayed to 2017 via a Reagent Games blog post on their website. In the blog post, the developer says they are looking to “redefine” open world games and build a game that is “built for the future.” Sounds a bit like the pitch for Project Scorpio, does it not?

“Crackdown 3 is a game built for the future with a multiplayer experience that will redefine what it feels like to play games, and as we continue to work on this, it has become clear that our original timeline of delivering multiplayer to fans this summer, while maintaining the size, scope and quality of the game, would be challenging. Our top priority is to give gamers an experience they have never seen before at a scale never thought possible, and sticking to our original timeline would have compromised that goal.”

Xbox also made sure to note that there would be no exclusives on Project Scorpio and that every game released on the Xbox platform would be available to everyone. So, my thinking is, with a game like Crackdown where the developer previously stated that the kind of destructibility wouldn’t be available in the single player campaign on the current Xbox One, will be available on Scorpio.

This is all just my speculation of course, so don’t take my thoughts on Crackdown 3 on Scorpio as fact. (As soon as I started hearing rumors about Project Scorpio, Crackdown came to mind.) But, it seems to me that a game like Crackdown would be the perfect title to showcase all that new power offered in Project Scorpio that’s not available in the Xbox One or Xbox One S.

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