After the dust settles some of the cooler heads are prevailing to prove “major” sources like IGN jumped the gun on subjective reviews for The Order: 1886. So the single player story driven shooter has proven to be worth the price of admission for true SP lovers.

There can be no question though, the smear campaign against the game prior to release was gigantic and effective in undercutting its success and achievements. In ascertaining whether or not Bloodborne will receive the same treatment we have to examine the similarities and differences between the two games and how they are portrayed in the media.

The Order 1886.Still018

Similarities: both were vying for the title of elite, must-play PS4 exclusive. Thus far no PS4 exclusive game on offer has been accepted as solidly 9-10 material. The new Killzone was mediocre, infamous: Second Son was pretty but dialed back franchise staples and variety, and Driveclub turned out just pretty good. Now The Order has dropped onto us and while riveting, still doesn’t scream must buy. Bloodborne now has a shot at the coveted spot, and with it the flood of sales and glory of potentially being a system seller.

One thing that stands in the way of this is its status as a Souls series successor from From Software. Souls fans are numerous and toothy but the bulk of gamers want nothing more than a minor challenge while these games are known to present a serious bout with the mental stability of the player.

On the one hand having the Souls following with it and the respect of critics from those previous games Bloodborne may well command enough respect to avoid the hate machine that targeted The Order. On the other hand if the game is tweaked to appeal to the aforementioned masses (and there is some indication it might) we could even see a revolt from fans and critics that kickstarts a grass roots hater rampage. That would be in opposition to the top-down hate approach that besmirched The Order, but would be no less effective. It would also offer something new to attack the PS4 exclusive with, a different kind of ammo to rationalize another pitchfork tour.

It will likely be essentially linear, which blew the hats off critics of The Order but there’s a kind of built-in RPG-ness to these games that dislodges that linear feeling so that could prove a non-issue. Bloodborne probably won’t be as short (especially with the deaths) as The Order so nobody can have a fit over a 7-12 hour campaign on its account. So far the odds are good that Bloodborne will avoid a smear campaign.


Coming at the end of March though, it will be riding the tide of releases by Sony that just haven’t fared all that well, putting extra pressure on the game to deliver something special. People are looking for a game to define the generation and what should be new about it, The Order proved that gameplay from last generation isn’t good enough. I fear the gameplay of Bloodborne won’t re-invent the wheel either. To their credit, From Software is playing their cards closer to their chest than Ready At Dawn. There hasn’t been a ton of footage of Bloodborne for crowds to begin to latch their claws onto.

When push comes to shove I think Bloodborne has enough going for it creatively and enough clout behind the developer to avoid the kind of smear campaign that Ready At Dawn was subjected to. If it doesn’t deliver on a lot of hopes though, it could earn post release hate tributaries throughout the gaming community.

OnlySP will keep you tuned in to what Bloodborne has to offer in its campaign, hate free.

[su_note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffffff”]This article is an opinion editorial and as such, does not represent the views of OnlySP as an organization. [/su_note]

David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. Don’t compare the masterpiece that lord Miyazaki will bring to us on the eve of March 24th to something like The Order: 1886.

    It’s insulting.

    1. its fanboyism, the belife that anything under sony label will be amazing.

  2. How dare say this article!! Miyazaki senpai would never allow such a thing.
    Hail Bloodborne!!

  3. SInce Miyazaky was able to create two of my favourite games af all time, I think he deserve some faith.
    It’s not “fanboysm”, it’s just having a great deal of esteem for someone that was able to amaze me twice in a row.

  4. Hah, I like how you think the mixed reception towards the Order is a “smear campaign”

    1. Have you played the game? If you did, you would laugh at the sites that gave it scores of 4.5/10 or 1/5 etc. That’s a smear campaign.

      1. Exactly. It’s silly how far they all went with it too. Then you play the actual game and realize how wrong all those reviews were.

        1. Which part was wrong exactly? That it is a linear scripted game with qtes impressive graphics and unoriginal gameplay? Instead of looking at the score, read the reviews.

      2. I know this concept just might blow your mind away…but have you actually stopped to consider that they just didn’t like the game?

        1. Scores aren’t meant to be used as a recommendation rating. As a reviewer the score is supposed to give your opinion on the quality of the game. Scores like that are why people see the scores that they do. It may be a generic game, and you may not like it, but there was mostly a quality product there.

    2. It is sad isnt it? They think that because the game wasnt good and so many people were seeing it from a mile away, the entire press is biased.

      Come on.

  5. What? This makes no sense. They stick a “will bloodborne be a let down just like…insert title” for the sake of it? Then they list similarities *ps4 exclusive. ..* wow it’s like comparing minecraft to tomb world of warcraft . This article merely exist for the sake of having something “news” released for the day Imo

    1. Guess you missed the point that the author is hoping that Bloodborne doesn’t get the same kind of reception The Order did as a PS4 exclusive. I mean, reading past the title kinda just helps, just saying.

    2. exactly this does nothing else than say “hey sony fanboys defending this game and saying the gaming press is biased and this game go a hate campaign, i am giving validity to your delussions”

  6. I only recently started frequenting this site, but you guys have to watch it with articles like this. Clickbait-y title, and just look at that last line? Seriously? This is just coming off as ignorant, and someone who is starting to rile up something where there was nothing. The only upcoming game that could even be compared in a “too cinematic, gonna be hated before release” perspective is possibly “Until Dawn”, and that game is touted to have many different scenario outcomes, endings, etc.

    1. The author is simply pointing out how flawed the coverage was towards The Order: 1886. He didn’t say the game would be bad, and he’s hoping for better treatment of Bloodborne than what was received by The Order. All the shit that went on with The Order should have shown you how bad the double standards are in this industry.

    2. yup this article is dissapointing.

  7. This makes no sense. If bloodborne was for Xbox bone this article wouldn’t exist. What does the order have to do with bloodborne? I still don’t get it.

    1. He’s comparing the coverage of the games, not the games themselves. All this article is pointing out is the tendency for critics to smear games for extra attention before they’re released, as you saw with The Order.

      As for the Xbox One comment, we have no preference towards one console or the other here so that’s pretty irrelevant.

      1. So if any future Xb1 game egts TO levels of “hate” then we’ll see an exact article like that on here?, because I would very much hope so, same for Nintendo.

        1. Uh sure? We don’t buy into the bullshit that a lot of other websites do as we focus on games and their content, not the drama surrounding them. As far as I remember, Ryse got the same shit that The Order did, Sunset Overdrive was billed as Infamous rip off.

          1. Yeah but the point is I never saw article after article, video after video about any of those games getting “smeared”.

            So far this gen Sony gets a lead while MS and Nintendo get dragged behind, their games get shat on a regular basis or judged slightly less but when a Sony title like TO gets judged badly or shat on it’s somehow a smear campaign where every reviewer or non PS owner has some sort of hidden agenda, that’s what’s been sweeping around so far and it’s getting really annoying and silly how far it’s gotten.

          2. Sure, it was a bit more outstanding with The Order though. I mean, I may not have written this article, but I saw more than a fair share of blatant junk articles pointed at The Order. This is also one author’s opinion on the site, and we let our writers write what they please. So, if someone wants to tackle the next hate campaign on an Xbox One title, they sure as hell can!

    2. exactly and if the order was for xbox the same sony fanboys defending it now will be trashing it just like ryse and that comes from a pc gamer.

  8. Bloodborne will not be linear. These games never are. In fact, be prepared for a complete lack of any sort of direction whatsoever. Open world has never been as OPEN as it is in a Souls series type game. You won’t have maps, you won’t have a quest hub, you won’t have any sort of waypoints or designated areas to go to. You’ll be all alone in the big, scary world and you’ll have to figure it out on your own at your own speed.

    These games don’t appeal to a mass market for reasons that have nothing to do with “difficulty”, although I’m sure some people will simply throw their controller in rage and quit. They fail to agree with the average happy-go-lucky gamer because they fail to meet the simple expectations most people have when it comes to games these days. They expect to be carried and babied. They expect games to give them the blueprints for success. Hi! You’re level X, you should be going to zone Y, where you’ll have to do Z after killing this boss. That’s your “average” game. That’s what the normal gamer expects to see.

    These games force you to step it up and play on a new level. These games don’t hold your hand. It’s not that they’re just simply outright difficult, but they require more of you to succeed. That can be perceived as difficulty, I suppose… but I like to think of it as more of gamer responsibility. No, you can’t just attack neutral or friendly NPCs without permanent repercussions, so don’t play like a turbo. No, you can’t just cruise control it and follow your mini map without paying attention to your surroundings – you need to actually look around and figure it out. No, you’ll NEVER be strong enough to just faceroll through enemies with ease and you’ll ALWAYS be at risk of death. Accept that.

    Comparing something like this to The Order is so unbelievably silly. The Order was a video game movie with a few hours of gameplay built around it. 7-12 hours is generous, I’ve heard 5-6 from most friends. Expect 30-40+ in Bloodborne and expect that just for your first playthrough. These games are notorious for multiple playthroughs, tons of NG+ to-dos, PVP and the like. I’ve dumped well over 300+ hours into Dark Souls 2 and 200+ into Dark Souls 1 and I’m thrilled to know Bloodborne may be the next chapter in my degenerate gaming lifespan.

    1. There’s no reason to explain to these idiots. Just buy the game and enjoy it

    2. Thank you, the article was driving me nuts. I love that the people paid to write articles have no clue what they’re talking about. Like ever. It just amazes me.

    3. As I’ve noted below, you’re defending a game that wasn’t even attacked, but rather defended in the editorial. All the author is saying is that he hopes journalists and gamers alike don’t find a reason to smear this game like was done with The Order.

      1. I’m not really defending the game from the article as much as just stating how I feel the game will hold up to these common questions and concerns regarding difficulty and hype. The article wasn’t really attacking the game, but it did bring up some open ended thoughts (“The Order was 7-12 hours, will Bloodborne be the same or longer?” or “Will the difficulty prove too much for casual audiences?”) that are worth discussion.

        1. Sure. All valid points, and we’ll only really know when we finally get to play the game. Guess I just rounded you up with the rest of the comments here lol, sorry about that!

          1. Given the past Souls franchise knowledge, they will at least include 50+ equipment, At least 30 varieties of monsters, about 7-8 Bosses, and try to give us at least 50 hours for those who rush the game.

    4. Its because people want to ‘play’ a game, not ‘work’ a game.

      That’s why there’s this level of mentality where even making them try to figure something out will confuse and frustrate them… Because reality is… Not everyone is smart, and especially when it comes to being tech savvy enough to understand software.

      Non-gamers and elderly populations far outnumber us and are the most stubborn to learn new things.


  10. Ps4 has been shite so far, just like Xbox one. So shite in fact, I kind of feel Sony (and by extension, Microsoft) should throw a few freebies to those patrons that had enough faith in their respective systems to buy on day one. That mini-rant aside, if this is the only game that is released for the rest of this generation, I think I’ll be happy. Booked the week off work, ordered some stink, and sending the missus and kid to her parents for a few days. Kicking it old school. Release can’t come quick enough.

  11. Bloodborne IS already a system seller. I bought my PS4 literally just for Bloodborne, and I’ve read hundreds of people saying the same thing. Also, I’ve played Infamous: Second Son while I wait for Bloodborne, and it was a great game, and it’s DLC was also very fun, in fact I hope they make more. My platform of choice is the PC, but my favorite game series is the Souls’ series, so there was no chance in hell of me missing Bloodborne. Worth every cent, guaranteed.

  12. Guys,

    Make sure you read past the title and understand that David is defending Bloodborne in its own right. This article is simply stating the double standards this industry seems to have at times, as was shown with The Order: 1886. The smear campaign was completely uncalled for on the game, and that’s what he’s hoping doesn’t happen with Bloodborne. He’s not criticizing the game here.

    1. Smear campaign or not the game was reviewed by a ton of outlets and they thought it wasnt good.

      The signs were there when the game got many negative previews and the n4g said that they are all xbots and they are biased towards sony.

      The belief that the entire press is biased towards sony is pathetic, it is sony who they make they money from.

      When you start discrediting 90% of the gaming press believing they are biased because they didnt gave high scores to a game made by your favorite company, you are not being a consumer, you are being a fanboy and it is even more sad seeing that been done by the same salty people who scream “sunset overhype” and “titanfail”

      There has to be logic and reason.

      “Thus far no PS4 exclusive game on offer has been accepted as solidly
      9-10 material. The new Killzone was mediocre, infamous: Second Son was
      pretty but dialed back franchise staples and variety, and Driveclub
      turned out just pretty good”

      Aside frm the fact driveclub was plagued with problems and wasnt particulary impressive…thats the thing, ps4 doesnt have that killer game yet.

      That is all, dont turn into a sony fanboyism site like duallshockers. This entire article screams clickbaiting since it doesnt offer any conclusion.

      The fact you think bloodborne will “Avoid a smear campaign” is like completly missing the point, no one is trashing bloodborne because no one expects it to be bad… Why? because it doesnt look bad.

      There is no hate campaign going on and it most certainly doesnt affect the critics. Just one game that screamed bad from a year ago and for the record i find it sad you call yourselfs only sp but gave high ratings to a short game like the order and destiny.

      1. Dude,

        OK for one, do not compare my site to Dualshockers. We have nothing in common with them and actually respect the people that come to read our articles and do not write bullshit articles just for the sake of writing them. This article poses a question for discussion, and that’s it. It’s an opinion editorial and we are free to write them.

        Again, on the point of reviewing Destiny, we were sent a copy to review so we have to review it. That’s our policy, we don’t just take free games and run with them. If you can’t get over that then don’t visit OnlySP.

        The Order was called “generic” for things that tons and tons of games do. RAD didn’t set out to make the most innovative third person shooter ever made, and the critics billed it for something it was never supposed to be, like they do all the time with high profile releases to generate controversy.

  13. I think the game will have staying power for 3 reasons:

    1) RPG games usually have replay ability because a second play through offers a chance to build a different skill tree

    2) Chalice Dungeons

    3) Co-op

    1. 4) PVP invasions or matches
      5) Interesting lore
      6) Gotta collect em all equipment and weapons

  14. “Now The Order has dropped onto us and while riveting, still doesn’t scream must buy.”

    Really,now? Are you guys one of the corrupted gaming sites also?

    Soon the Let’s Play YouTubers will leave you gaming sites in the dust when it comes to hits & views because their reviews and opinions are backed up by visual proof. And gamers will flock to these real gaming guys whose job is to just show the games as they are and let the viewers form their own decisions.

    No vested corporate interests just transparent reporting.

    And you can see in their videos that this is a must buy game.

  15. The haters don’t even praise the sun. pffff…

  16. Bloodborne is going to be a serious GOTY contender, no doubts about that. From Software delivered 3 of the very best games of last generation in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II and there’s no reason to think this game will be any different.
    The PS4 has been absolutely slaughtering the Xbone in terms of exclusive game quality for the past 15 months and it’s showing in the huge, insurmountable sales gap between the two consoles. And with fantastic games like Bloodborne, Until Dawn and Uncharted 4 on the horizon it looks like another great year for PS4 owners.

  17. Since when have games been about something new and not enjoyment? GTA,COD,Halo,BF and a host of other games don’t do anything that has never been done before.The Order actually delivered a technical mater piece,which is something that none of the forementioned game ever did for any generation.The Order is a high quality game/experience regardless of being linear or innovative.Game design is what matters most because without it games are buggy and suffer from poor controls just like GTA and Elder Scrolls (I like Elder Scrolls). Bloodborne will be a great game no matter what.
    One thing though this comment “The Order proved that gameplay from last generation isn’t good enough” is false as nothing played like The Order last generation.Not even The Last of Us.Games just get better graphics and physics with each generation anyway.Game mechanics never change.

    1. Since the PS4…

      Nielsen released the top 5 reasons why people bought each console and both the Wii U and Xbox One owners cited Fun Factor while the PS4 owners never mentioned it.

  18. Yep. But just like with The Order, it will still be a great game regardless of all the salt coming from the other side.

    1. Which is the other side actually? You think people bash this for being a sony game?

      Seriously you people need to think like consumers, so many signs were there the game was gonna be bad, and you decided they are all xbots bashing the game, well the order metacritic rating proves it is a bad game.

      it is lower rated than many of the “trash” xbox games.

      You have to stop living in delussion and think like a consumer, NO the gaming press isnt biased towards sony, its just that this game wasnt that good, looking at dark souls ratings bloodborne will propably get a high rating unless they make it too easy.

      Seems to me the onle who is salty is you… you refuse to aknowledge this game flopped and claim that everyone is biased towards sony.

      Come on get real.

  19. Nothing is safe from those xbots and the paid media but bloodborne is too strong

    1. The fact that people like you who think that everyone who doesnt like this game is a xbot is pathetic, it kills the ability to think like a consumer, this game isnt getting the horrible metacritic ratings because the entire gaming press is biased but because it wasnt good.

  20. I’ve been fairly critical of the PS4 exclusives over the past year but, I was being honest with my opinions.

    With that said, The Order didn’t deserve the abuse it was taking and honestly another game that got the same treatment was Ryse… Both are actually very solid games and I enjoyed playing both.

    I don’t honestly know what success bloodborne will have because it is a genre that doesn’t appeal to everyone so, we’ll see how it fairs but, I would honestly hope it is at least treated more fairly than the Order.

  21. Another clickbait Bloodborne article by David Nelson, just like his why Bloodborne should be easier than Souls nonsense, nothing to see here.

  22. Top article :).

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