In the lead-up to our Best of 2019 ceremony on March 7, OnlySP will be running through each of our Best Game nominees to discuss why each title deserves to win the highly coveted award. With only three days until OnlySP’s Best of 2019 ceremony, Michael Cripe explains why Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the latest game from the legendary FromSoftware, deserves a shot at winning Best Game.

Narrowing down which Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice moment solidified the action-stealth game as an instant classic in its genre is easier said than done. The battle of stealth and wits when confronting a monster snake may be the first thing that comes to mind but is quickly overshadowed by the nightmare that is the game’s Guardian Ape boss. Even still, some of these scripted moments fall victim to the individual, proud flashes of unique victories many tell stories of long after the credits roll. Sekiro provides a foundation that cultivates the legendary stories players have crafted on their own, which may be the game’s greatest triumph.

In between the cinematic highlights of FromSoftware’s authentic action title is combat not unlike dancing, where players must approach each enemy with an open mind and willingness to concede to uncomfortable tactics. Brute force can work on some, but others require planning and patience. Those who challenge you have personality and a mind of their own, leaving variables at play upon every encounter. Sekiro forces players to take a step back in this regard, as each situation is made easier by a bit of thought beforehand. Locking into combat with an enemy or group of enemies demands different tactics for each, creating a challenging, engaging experience only FromSoftware is capable of producing.

With the backdrop of a mythologically bound 16th century Japan that coats the world Sekiro lays at the player’s feet, it is hard not thinking of the game as one of 2019’s standout titles, and a worthy opponent for the title of OnlySP’s Best Game of 2019.


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