When Rime was revealed as a PS4 exclusive, many gamers were instantly compelled to learn more about it. With comparisons being made to games like Journey and Ico, Rime is setting itself up to become a strong exclusive for the Playstation 4. While there’s not a lot of information to go on, the initial trailer showed us a game that has serious potential to become something iconic. Here’s why I think Rime could be a big hit for indie gaming.

The Simple Objectives And Exploration

One of the core features of Journey was the simple objective. It was not a game that was bogged down by multiple objectives but just one simple task that took forever to complete. All you had to do was to reach the top of the mountain, but how long it took or what you explored was entirely up to you. That’s what Rime seems to be about. From the initial reveal trailer, we are shown the main character waking up on a beach. He then sees a gigantic towering structure and gradually travels towards it.

While the game may or may not be about simply seeing your objective and reaching it, the game does have a strong link with a sense of freedom.  The world itself seems to be relatively open, allowing for a sense of freedom to tackle your objective, like Journey before it. You can invest yourself fully into this world, exploring the sights and taking in the sounds of your environment. Games like Journey, Ico and Shadow of The Colossus all share prolonging moments of peaceful exploration, where the joy of traveling an unknown land and taking in a new area is half the joy of the game. Could Rime follow this trend?


The Unique Artstyle

If there’s one that can be said for Rime, it’s that it looks downright gorgeous. Blending in classic styles from artists like Giorgio de Chirico , Salvador Dalí and Joaquin Sorolla with a touch of some Miyazaki anime, Rime is a game that has a fresh splash of color that usually comes with an indie title. Like Journey, the art is similar to a simplistic painting brought to life and it brings a level of charm that will draw players in to explore the gorgeous world. With a cel-shading touch to the aesthetics of the game, Rime is definitely one of the prettiest looking Playstation exclusives heading to the PS4.

The Sweeping Soundtrack

The composer for Rime has had a few big titles under his belt, which could lead to some interesting results. Akira Yamaoka, the composer for the Silent Hill series knows how to make atmospheric music so I have complete faith he can deliver a score that will rival Journey. That may not be an easy task as the soundtrack for Journey was nominated for a Grammy but Silent Hill’s music is incredibly chilling and one of my favorites, even if I’m not that fond of horror games. To produce a great OST for a genre I dislike? That’s a sign of a great composers if you ask me.

While there might not be a lot of information on Rime, the game looks set to be something incredibly unique for the PS4 players. What do you think? Is Rime on its way to become an indie smash hit or is just the same old game we’ve seen many times before? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Nathan Hughes
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