In the lead-up to our Best of 2019 ceremony on March 7, OnlySP will be running through each of our Best Game nominees to discuss why each title deserves to win the highly coveted award. Today, Chris Hepburn discusses why Katana Zero is such immersive experience despite first appearances, and why it may very well deserve the top award of next week’s show.

Katana Zero is one of the most immersive 2D action platformers to come out in 2019 with unique dialogue options not seen before. Slicing through enemies feels incredibly rewarding especially when tying in the time slow mechanics to get past otherwise insurmountable situations.

The gameplay is incredibly responsive and rewarding. Knocking an enemy bullet back at them or tricking enemies into looking the wrong way to slay them led to some of the best moments of the year. The developer set up each area to feel like a puzzle that can be answered in a freeform way, letting the player be creative and use tools to their advantage.

The story is well-paced and the ability to interact with conversations keeps the player immersed at all times. The ability to cut people off mid-sentence and seeing their reaction is one of the funniest aspects of Katana Zero. The option to affect dialogue in such a way, in addition to having multiple choices for answers, adds a great amount to replayability.

Throughout the game, many secrets can be found in both the world and interactions with the characters within. Not everyone can be killed in just one way. Figuring out different tactics and ways to play is a lot of the fun, as the player can be creative with their interaction. The game is challenging but throws you right back into the action almost instantly, allowing for a person to perfect their run or try new things. The game features engaging boss fights that require pattern recognition without feeling tedious or overbearing.

Looking at Katana Zero, most would think the game is just another bland indie action game, but the quality and attention to detail are by far some of the best design in recent years. Mixing an emotionally engaging story with mystery and action is a recipe for success but the added secrets and levels of interaction throughout the game make it far bigger and replayable than most games of its ilk.  The ability to feel superhuman with the masterful gameplay mixed with beautiful art and music push the game far above most others of the year, and it is a strong contender for OnlySP’s Best Game of 2019.

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