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Several developers at the Coalition have discussed how they transitioned Kait Diaz to become the protagonist of Gears 5.

In an interview with The Guardian, several developers from The Coalition, including senior producer Zoe Curnoe and franchise narrative lead Bonnie Jean Mah, discussed about how female characters should be written and how the community accepted Diaz as its main lead in Gears 5.

Mah notes that “[Fans aren’t] calling out that [Kait is] a female protagonist, they’re calling out that they are wrapped up in her story.”

The strong story of the Gears series allows Diaz to be in the spotlight since questions about her lineage appeared in Gears of War 4. As a result, Gears 5 was able to pivot the narrative to explore Diaz’s story in a way that felt natural.

According to Mah, a strong female character is someone who is authentic and has a full range of emotions.

The Coalition also made sure to have women on the development team to ensure well-rounded characters such as Kait.

Additionally, Curnoe said that “it’d be great if we could stop talking about [female leads being a risky proposition] to some degree and having a woman lead just becomes normal.”

Gears 5 will be playable on xCloud’s public test server for free when it deploys in October. OnlySP’s Richard Flint reviewed Gears 5, saying that its lengthy single-player is jam-packed with callbacks, references, and fascinating revelations.

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  1. Not sure it was necessary to change the lead, it feels a bit like jumping on a certain wagon. They did a better job than most though tbh. I grew rather attached to the main characters, to the point I was really scared one would be killed off, even the annoying one!

    A step in the right direction for the most part. I, like most people, love a strong female lead when it’s done right, there’s just so few examples nowadays, I’d add this one to the “done right” pile.

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