With the recent buzz surrounding Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, the developer has explained why the franchise’s newest installment will not have towers or a mini-map.

Ubisoft decided to do away with towers and the mini-map in Far Cry 5 in order to encourage exploration. Regarding the removal of the towers, Far Cry 5’s lead writer, Drew Holmes, in an interview with GamingBolt, had this to say about the decision: “I think in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 you got into a rhythm of, ‘the only way I can find out what to do in this area is to go climb a tower, hit a button and all of these things pop up.’ We really wanted to focus on exploration with a sense of, ‘I’m not sure what to do or where to go.’”

Holmes continued by explaining why Ubisoft also removed the mini-map to which players are accustomed in previous Far Cry titles, or any game with an open-world setting. “The removal of the mini-map was so you’re not staring at a little corner of your screen saying, ‘what’s new in the world?’” The development team’s desire is that players will “actually pay attention to the world” and use “landmarks to orient” themselves.

In a nutshell, the changes to Far Cry 5 are meant to provide a more immersive experience that requires players to explore and use their powers of observation to figure out where to go and what to do. Given the success of the Far Cry series, and Ubisoft’s perpetually-growing fanbase, the removal of towers and a mini-map in favor of trusting players to apply their minds to traverse Far Cry 5’s world might be a useful tool that propels the company to new heights. Of course, the idea could also backfire with players getting frustrated at the lack of blatant direction. Only time will tell.

Far Cry 5 is scheduled to release on February 27, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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