In the lead-up to our Best of 2019 ceremony on March 7, OnlySP will be running through each of our Best Game nominees to discuss why each title deserves to win the highly coveted award. Today, Dimitric Edwards dives into Control, and why it has a good shot at winning the top award.

To discuss the best narratives of 2019 without Remedy Entertainment’s Control being listed near the top is difficult. Playing as Jesse Faden, players explore the intricacies of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) while trying to find out what happened to her brother, Dylan. As Jesse dive deeper into the Oldest House, the location of the FBC, everything is not as it seems as the responsibility of Director is thrusted upon her.

Where Control shines best in its “weird fiction”. Remedy’s past forrays positioned the studio to craft a truly stellar story. The best parts of the story, however, are in the collectibles which breathes life into the world. From the case files and  multimedia recordings to the correspondances, Control’s world-building showcases Remedy’s creativity in breathing life into the world.

The FBC is easy to get lost in while exploring and fighting enemies known only as the Hiss. The more players go off the main path, the more they are rewarded with pockets of information that leads from one clue to another about the Oldest House, the FBC, and Jesse’s part in it all.

One could not reflect on 2019 and not mentioned Control in the conversation due to the studio’s ability to craft a compelling world that encourages players to explore every nook and cranny to discover just how weird a story from Remedy can get. Control is undoubtedly a frontrunner for OnlySP’s Best Game of 2019.

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