In the lead-up to our Best of 2019 ceremony on March 7, OnlySP will be running through each of our Best Game nominees to discuss why each title deserves to win the highly coveted award. Today, Damien Lawardorn discusses why he believes Close to the Sun deserves to be a frontrunner.

Close to the Sun is a remarkable achievement: a walking simulator that moves beyond the norms of the genre to capture and enrapture players in a different way. Horror tropes and moments of real danger keep you on your toes in a game that makes first-person exploration exciting long after narrative-driven gameplay has moved on thanks to the efforts of Telltale and DONTNOD.

In an alternate past, Nikola Tesla created a ship with untold destructive potential, but something went wrong. Like in BioShock, Gone Home, and countless other stories of a confusing past, you arrive on board the Helios after disaster has struck in search of your lost sister. The story keeps you intrigued through its modest length and tight scripting. Story lovers are sure to be gripped.

Perhaps even more impressive is the visual design. Employing a bold art-deco-inspired style, Close to the Sun reminds you of BioShock, while also being totally distinct. The scale of destruction is measured, ensuring that the more shocking scenes carry the weight they deserve. Elsewhere, the Helios is absolutely opulent and totally overstated, from the lurid ballroom and lavishly appointed living quarters to the industrialised internal workings.

The gameplay may be fiddly in the more tense moments, but no game is perfect. The developers at Storm in a Teacup have freshened up an ailing genre and wound up with a project that defies expectation. Close to the Sun is no Icarus, for it flies high with no need to fear falling. It is certainly worthy of a place among OnlySP’s Best of 2019.

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