So Mass Effect 3 came out just a couple of days ago and already there are large reports of people finishing the game, being (un)happy with the ending, however despite that, the third instalment finally brought the epic trilogy to an end. But is that so? Bioware announced they will be releasing a lot of downloadable content for the game (similarly to ME2), so for those of us who already finished the game it’s a good sign, as it will keep us occupied. There is no saying of what this DLC is going to be, but most likely we can expect short episodes and additional side quests (and perhaps additions to the multiplayer mode).

What interests me most, is can we expect another sequel to ME? I’m talking here about Mass Effect 4 or something that will bring us back to its universe. But is that something the community would welcome? There is no denying Mass Effect introduced great universe and there is a lot that can be done with it. The developers carefully crafted pieces of the history, making it believable and likable, but most importantly a source they can draw from. Pretty much what Star Wars did back in 80’s and its universe and characters are still great inspiration for today’s movies, books and games. And I think in similar fashion, we can exploit Mass Effect world and create future games from it, whether Commander Shepard would be a part of it or not. And Bioware is known to take full advantage of their franchises (with the likes of Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age) and I personally think there is high probability this isn’t the last Mass Effect game we’re going to see.

The question that troubles me, is if it’s it going to be called Mass Effect? Will it feature familiar characters? What time period will it show? Can we expect another instalment in this generation? Should Bioware still focus on Shepard? How about creating spin off games on handheld platforms etc.

It is all just questions and speculations, but with something as great as Mass Effect I would hate for it to just end, but at the same time I know that sometimes you just need to move on and leave things the way they are (in fear of ruining it).

There isn’t much that can be done now, in any event we have to wait and hope for the best, but let’s hope the developers make the best decisions that will benefit the franchise.


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  1. Hmm, interesting point. Even if Bioware wants to end things, no guarantee EA will let them =p

  2. I really hope that they continue in the Mass effect universe. they spent so much time creating it and shaping it into what it is. I would be a waste if they just abandoned the universe we all love. that said. the ending of Mass effect 3 severely limits their options. They've destroyed the mass relays (pretty much the whole premise of the series), and therefor stranded millions of aliens in orbit of a decimated earth. In the far-future of the Mass Effect universe this might be overcome by faster ships or something, but its really a toss-up for the developers on how they will remedy the lack of transportation. if they do make sequels to the main trilogy, I hope that they dont include any of the old characters. Bioware should make more titles in the same universe, but next time they shouldn't try to twist things at the end.

  3. the next game should be set about 25 years later and they have found a way to make there own mass relays and its should be about the "lost" world reconnecting with there people from earth ?

  4. They should do an HD remake of the triology for the next gen consoles, adding more side quests, characters, and possibly romance options.

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