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The end of the year is upon and as per usual you can expect a New Year’s address from me at the very end of the year, but in the meantime I wanted to give you a quick update of what we’re currently working on here at OnlySP.

We’ve gone through quite a few writers this year as many have left to explore new avenues in the industry, or just weren’t able to put the time in that OnlySP requires. Our current team of writers have been doing a great job providing you with features every week, new editorials to read and of course reviews of the latest releases. We’ll be looking to add a few more faces to the site before the year ends.

One area of the site that has received a lack of attention over the past few months is the Youtube channel. That’s mostly my fault due to a lack of time to manage both the main site and the channel and I apologize for that. It’s imperative that I get the grades that I need in my classes this semester so even though the Youtube channel is important to the site, it’s had to take a back seat to the main site for now.

However, that’s going to change soon. In an attempt to really bring a more personal touch to OnlySP, we’ll be revitalizing the podcast once again and I plan to take part. Yup, you’ll get to hear my deep monotone voice in your ear-holes relatively soon. Based on how interviews go this week with some potential applicants, you may even hear some new voices on the podcast as well as receive new video features.

As for what’s coming up feature wise? We’ll be bringing you two feature interviews next week to conclude our interview coverage for the year. December will be focused on our end of the year posts including some fan favorites like our Top 5 Emotional Moments post that always generates some great discussion. We’ll also be handing out a single player game of the year award this year which is something I’m pretty excited about. Reid Gacke will be heading our end of the year stuff committee and we’ve just had our meeting to get everything planned out.

We’ve already got some great features lined up for early 2016 that you’ll definitely like. I don’t want to announce what we’ve got planned just yet, but we’ve got a big postmortem interview lined up that I’m really excited to share with you, among other exciting prospective features.

2015 may be coming to a close and while we haven’t had as prosperous a year as we did last year, I’ve never been more excited about the future of OnlySP. I truly believe that within the next year, we’ll offer you coverage that you will not find on any other gaming outlet. We’re going to try some new and exciting things with both our written content and media content in 2016. Get ready, the single players are coming.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone,



Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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