It was just yesterday that I was playing the CS GO Beta, and it made me wonder. Could a franchise like that implement elements of single player into it? I always enjoyed playing CS and I think it works really well the way it is. Its entire focus is on multiplayer and has a very unique style. The formula is pretty much defined and a new iteration could only tweak on that. But just imagining for a second, if the developers were to add in a single player campaign, what would be the results>

In these days we always criticise games for unnecessarily added multiplayer, with games like Dead Space, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed etc. But how does that work other way around? Can a move like that be justified by trying to appeal to broader audience? Everyone’s seems to be after the CoD players, trying to grab that piece of pie. So theoretically Counter Strike could do the same, justifying it by trying to reach a broader audience, who are keener on single player campaigns. Would that spoil the fun for the rest of us? And that brings me onto another point; does adding/removing multiplayer  impact the core of the game? I think it’s naïve to think developers would cut out content from normal campaign to shift focus on multiplayer. I would like to believe everything gets the right amount of attention. But who knows.

And finally could CS work in story mode at all? Its unique build doesn’t allow much room for that. You normally run around the map for 1min, get shot and repeat the process. The ease at which you die, combined with lack of health regeneration, tactical approach to battle, and emphasis on knowing the map, makes this game extremely difficult. However if those problems were somehow addressed, would the community turn their back on Valve? Saying “you ruined our product” or “you took away the essence of CS”, and what if the campaign didn’t interfere with multiplayer?

It really seems to be going back to the same matter, because we have certain associations with some products we do not welcome changes, especially with Counter Strike which has the reputation of “hard-core MP game” and I fear it wouldn’t go down well, if it introduced campaign.

I myself though am always trying to stay more open minded and I would be quite interested to see what could be done from that. But that’s only if it didn’t spoil the core elements of the game (the multiplayer). You know, just to be on the safe side…


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  1. Bots is all the single player C-strike needs.

  2. yeah. i think it would work. though i think it may turn out like CS Condition Zero. that had a campaign. it was good, but could be way better

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